60 Optimus Prime Quotes From The Transformers

Enjoy the Optimus Prime Quotes from your favorite character from the Transformers.

Optimus Prime is a fictional character from the Transformers franchise. He is the leader of the Autobots, a group of sentient robots from the planet Cybertron.

The iconic character is popularly known for his strong sense of justice, unwavering moral compass, and dedication to protecting the innocent from the evil Decepticons.

As a noble and wise leader, Optimus Prime is often depicted as a brave warrior and a symbol of heroism. He embodies qualities such as courage, selflessness, and integrity, inspiring others to stand up for what is right.

And he has appeared in various Transformers comics, animated series, and movies, becoming an iconic figure in popular culture.

Optimus Prime has left an array of memorable quotes throughout the Transformers film series. From the 2007 debut to subsequent sequels, his words resonate powerfully.

Some of his greatest movies are Transformers (2007), Revenge of the Fallen (2009), Dark of the Moon (2011), Age of Extinction (2014), and The Last Knight (2017).

Top 10 Optimus Prime Quotes

  1. “One shall stand, one shall fall.” – Optimus Prime
  2. “Autobots, Transform And Roll Out!” – Optimus Prime                                                                                   

    optimus prime quotes
    optimus prime quotes
  3. “I will fight anyone who stands in my way.” – Optimus Prime                                                                                   

    quotes by optimus prime
    quotes by optimus prime
  4. “Freedom is the right of all Sentient beings.” – Optimus Prime
  5. “Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.” – Optimus Prime
  6. “There’s a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.” – ” – Optimus Prime
  7. “We must have courage. We can’t ignore the danger. We must conquer it.” – Optimus Prime
  8. “As long as power flows through any of my circuits Megatron, I’ll fight you.” – Optimus Prime
  9. “We can be heroes in our own lives, every one of us if we only have the courage to try.” – Optimus Prime                                                                                                                                                                                            optimus prime movie quotes
  10. “I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there’s more to them than meets the eye.” – Optimus Prime

Best Optimus Prime Quotes From Transformers

  1. “I rise… you FALL!” – Optimus Prime
  2. “For my world to live, yours must die.” – Optimus Prime                                                                                        optimus prime quotes the last knight
  3. “I fight for my own kind! My own planet!” – Optimus Prime
  4. “I will never stop fighting for our freedom.” – Optimus Prime                                                                          best optimus prime quotes
  5. “We’ve suffered losses, but we’ve not lost the war.” – Optimus Prime
  6. “Like us, there’s more to them than meets the eye.” – Optimus Prime                                                                      optimus prime quote
  7. “Thrones are for Deceptions. Besides, I’d rather roll.” – Optimus Prime
  8. “Freedom is your right. If you make that request, we will honor it.” – Optimus Prime
  9. “Remember this: you may lose your faith in us, but never in yourselves.” – Optimus Prime
  10. “Our fates were always intertwined, but now our worlds are joined as one.” – Optimus Prime
  11. “Our races united by a history long forgotten, and a future we shall face together.” – Optimus Prime
  12. “I vowed to never kill a human, but whoever is responsible for this is going to die.” – Optimus Prime
  13. “I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message so that our past will always be remembered. For in those memories, we live on.” – Optimus Prime                                                                                                            optimus prime quotes wallpaper
  14. “One day, an Autobot will rise from our ranks and use The power of the Matrix to Light Our Darkest Hour. Until that day, til’ all are one.” – Optimus Prime
  15. “Bumblebee is correct, we simply assisted the Rescue Bots, thanks to you they have become an outstanding team, one it has been an honor to serve with.” – Optimus Prime

Famous Quotes From Optimus Prime 

  1. “You didn’t betray me. You betrayed yourself.” – Optimus Prime                                                                            Optimus Prime Transformer Quotes
  2. “Thank you, all of you. You honor us with your bravery.” – Optimus Prime
  3. “Your people must learn to be masters of their own fate.” – Optimus Prime
  4. “Knights, Autobots. This cannot and will not be the end.” – Optimus Prime
  5. “Today, in the name of freedom, we take the battle to them.” – Optimus Prime
  6. “I may not have a weapon, but I can still transform and roll.” – Optimus Prime
  7. “Autobots, we’re going to prove who we are, and why we’re here!” – Optimus Prime
  8. “There’s only one way to deal with this, and that’s to stomp it flat.” – Optimus Prime
  9. “Sometimes even the wisest of man or machine can make an error.” – Optimus Prime
  10. “We must not stoop to their level. Megatron will not defeat us this easily.” – Optimus Prime
  11. “Until I return I’m leaving you in command. I know you won’t let me down.” – Optimus Prime
  12. “This is our home Megatron! We will stay! We will fight! And we WILL win!” – Optimus Prime
  13. “Your world must not share the same fate as Cybertron. Whole generations lost.” – Optimus Prime
  14. “This universe, no matter how vast will never be big enough for you and I to coexist.” – Optimus Prime
  15. “You must protect the planet. If the Decepticons find it, then our people are truly finished.” – Optimus Prime
  16. “We’ve witnessed your human capacity for war. You would absolutely bring more harm than good.” – Optimus Prime
  17. “A necessary sacrifice to bring peace to this planet. We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes.” – Optimus Prime
  18. “To save earth and her people we are going to steal Quintessa’s staff. Only you, Vivian, can take it back.” – Optimus Prime
  19. “Above all, do not lament my absence, for in my spark, I know that this is not the end, but merely a new beginning. Simply put, another transformation.” – Optimus Prime
  20. “While this may very well mark the end of the Age of Primes, leadership can be earned, with or without the Matrix. And in my view, you have each acted as a Prime.” – Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime Movie Quotes

  1. “Autobots, I’m in pursuit!” – Optimus Prime
  2. “Who dares to challenge me?” – Optimus Prime
  3. “I’m coming for you, humans.” – Optimus Prime
  4. “You ugly menace! Did you forget who I am?” – Optimus Prime
  5. “We lost a great comrade, but gained new ones.” – Optimus Prime
  6. “Now, all we need is a little Energon and a lot of good luck!” – Optimus Prime
  7. “We can’t transform, but we’re not helpless. Autobots, roll for it.” – Optimus Prime
  8. “We can’t stand by and watch the destruction of this beautiful planet.” – Optimus Prime
  9. “Defend this family Autobots, as they have you, defend, all they can be.” – Optimus Prime
  10. “Even if you defeat me, Megatron. others will rise to defeat your tyranny.” – Optimus Prime
  11. “You are going to face justice, and may it be kinder to you than it was to us.” – Optimus Prime
  12. “I am but a soldier, Megatron. And you are a prisoner of your own twisted delusions!” – Optimus Prime
  13. “Do not forget what we have learned of our past, Rodimus. From its lessons, the future is forged.” – Optimus Prime
  14. “And when the account of the ages is etched into the Cosmos, let those who exist long after us know that this was our finest hour!” – Optimus Prime
  15. “At the heart of every legend, there is truth: a few brave souls unite to save the world. We can be heroes in our own lives, every one of us, if we only have the courage to try.” – Optimus Prime


As a symbol of resilience and unwavering leadership, Optimus Prime serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder that even in the face of adversity, one can rise above and fight for what is right.

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