60 Moderation Quotes To Live A Moderate and Balanced Life

Looking for inspirational quotes about acting in moderation? We have rounded up the best collection of moderation quotes, sayings, captions, and status (with images and pictures) to inspire you to live a life with balance.

Moderation means avoiding extremes of behavior or expression and maintaining balance and equilibrium in life. Being an extremist in any aspect of life can be detrimental.

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Be it following a food diet, exercise plan, sharing political views, or doing anything else in excess does not always give the desired results.

Famous leaders, writers, philosophers, and spiritual gurus have always emphasized the importance of taking the medium path and not doing anything either too much or too little. Living life in moderation helps to balance all aspects and a middle ground for all.

These encouraging quotes on moderation will help you get a positive perspective on living a moderate life.

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Top 10 Moderation Quotes

  1. “My motto is: Live every day to the fullest – in moderation.” ― Lindsay Lohan

  2. “If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime.” ― Jack Kerouac

  3. “Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” ― Edna Ferber

  4. “Moderation in all things, especially moderation.” ― Oscar Wilde                                                             
    moderation quotes
    moderation quotes

  5. “It’s all about moderation. You need to find your balance.” ― Unknown

  6. “Life is meant to be enjoyed in moderation, not can’ts and cans.” ―Rylee Claire

  7. “Moderation is the silken string running through the pearl chain of all virtues.” ― Joseph Hall

  8. “The heart is great which shows moderation in the midst of prosperity.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  9. “If one oversteps the bounds of moderation, the greatest pleasures cease to please.” ― Epictetus                                                                                                                                                                         
    moderation quotes images
    moderation quotes images

  10. “Moderation is the inseparable companion of wisdom, but with it genius has not even a nodding acquaintance.” ― Charles Caleb Colton

Famous Quotes About Moderation

  1. “Moderation is the secret of survival.”― Manly Hall

  2. “In everything, the middle road is best.”― Plautus

  3. “Moderation is the balance of life.”― Frank Sonnenberg                                                                           
    quotes about moderation
    quotes about moderation

  4. “We should pursue and practice moderation.”― Plato

  5. “Moderation, the noblest gift of heaven.”― Euripides

  6. “Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide.”― Marcus Tullius                                                 
    life moderation quotes
    life moderation quotes

  7. “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.”―  Oscar Wilde

  8. “The virtue of justice consists in moderation, as regulated by wisdom.”―  Aristotle

  9. “Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.”―  Epicurus                                                       
    best moderation quotes
    best moderation quotes

  10. “The true master lives in truth, in goodness and restraint, non-violence, moderation, and purity.”Buddha

  11. “Virtues, of … Moderation: Avoid extremes. Forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.” ― Benjamin Franklin

  12. “A thing moderately good is not so good as it ought to be. Moderation in temper is always a virtue, but moderation in principle is always a vice.” ― Thomas Paine

  13. “The man who makes everything that leads to happiness depends upon himself, and not upon other men, has adopted the very best plan for living happily. This is the man of moderation, the man of manly character and of wisdom.” ― Plato

Best Quotes On Moderation

  1. “Moderation in all things.” ― Terence                                                                                                                           
    all things in moderation quote
    all things in moderation quote

  2. “There is moderation even in excess.” ― Benjamin Disraeli

  3. “To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short.” ― Confucius                                                                         
    balance moderation quotes
    balance moderation quotes

  4. “Keep a mid course between two extremes.” ― Ovid

  5. “Moderation is the key to lasting enjoyment.” – Hosea Ballou

  6. “I stand astonished at my own moderation” – Robert Clive

  7. “I smoke in moderation. Only one cigar at a time.” Mark Twain                                                                         
    Funny moderation quotes
    Funny moderation quotes

  8. “There’s nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation.” – John Ciardi

  9. “All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.” – George Harrison

  10. “Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.” ― Saint Augustine

  11. “The choicest pleasures of life lie within the ring of moderation.” ― Benjamin Disraeli

  12. “Only actions give life strength; only moderation gives it charm.” ― Jean Paul

  13. “That, however, is – mediocrity, though it be called moderation.” Friedrich Nietzsche

  14. “Balance, that’s the secret. Moderate extremism. The best of both worlds.” ― Edward Abbey

  15. “Moderation, we find, is an extremely difficult thing to get in this country.” ― Flann O’Brien, The Best of Myles

  16. “When the sword is once drawn, the passions of men observe no bounds of moderation.” – Alexander Hamilton

  17. “It is the sign of a great mind to dislike greatness, and prefer things in measure to things in excess.” – Seneca the Elder

  18. “Throw moderation to the winds, and the greatest pleasures bring the greatest pains.” – Democritus

  19. “Mastering moderation means being able to eat, drink and exercise without taking an all or nothing approach.” ― Simone Samuels

  20. “Everything that exceeds the bounds of moderation has an unstable foundation.” ― Seneca the Younger

  21. “A reasonable man needs only to practice moderation to find happiness.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  22. “Moderation. Small helpings. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health.” ― Julia Child

  23. “Any plan conceived in moderation must fail when the circumstances are set in extremes.” – Klemens von Metternich

  24. “There is a limit to enjoyment, though the sources of wealth be boundless and the choicest pleasures of life lie within the ring of moderation.” – Martin Farquhar Tupper

  25. “The pursuit, even of the best things, ought to be calm and tranquil.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

  26. “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!” ― Barry Goldwater

  27. “I once heard someone say that the concept of moderation seems a little extreme and tonight…I agree.” ― Koren Zailckas, Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood

  28. “I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizens Councilor or the Ku Klux Klanner but the White moderate who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice.” – In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK)


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