60 Hummingbird Quotes And Sayings To Inspire You

Looking for beautiful quotes about Hummingbird? We have rounded up the best collection of Hummingbird quotes, sayings, proverbs, phrases, poems, captions, status (with images and pictures) by famous authors, writers to inspire you about love and life.

Hummingbirds are charming and this cute and sophisticated creature have inspired  poets, artists and storytellers throughout the ages. Below are few hummingbird quotes and poems about these dainty, and pint-sized colorful birds.

Hummingbird Quotes

  1. “Spread your wings, let your spirit soar.”                                                                                                                 
    Hummingbird Quotes
    Hummingbird Quotes

  2. “The earth has music for those who listen.”                                                                                                             
    Hummingbird Quotes Images
    Hummingbird Quotes Images

  3. “Hummingbird: With brave wings she flies.”                                                                                                     
    Hummingbird Sayings
    Hummingbird Sayings

  4. “Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” – Rumi

  5. “I’m more of a culture hummingbird.”- Jai Rodriguez

  6. “Even a hummingbird couldn’t catch Tyler at work.” -Fight Club

  7. “There is no easy way to bathe a hummingbird.” – Kehlog Albran

  8. “Hummingbirds have forgotten the words..” – Graffiti at Adelaide

  9. “May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face.”                                                                   
    Life Hummingbird Quotes
    Life Hummingbird Quotes

  10. “He has the attention span of a hummingbird.”- Christopher Moore

  11. “I had the metabolism of a hummingbird on crack.”- Ilona Andrews

  12. “Hummingbird was by far and away our worst result.” – Glenn Munsie

  13. “If fat geese were selling for 10 cents a pound, I couldn’t buy a hummingbird.”

  14. “Furious flutter awakened hummingbird heart hello hello love.”- Megan McCafferty

  15. “Life has its own hidden forces which you can only discover by living.” – Soren Kierkegaard

  16. “I hear like you see — like that hummingbird outside that window for instance.”– Ray Charles

  17. “Either you take in believing in miracles or you stand still like the hummingbird.”- Henry Miller

  18. “Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”- Alice Walker

  19. “I love devastating movies, documentaries and hummingbirds (yes, in that order).” – Tig Notaro

  20. “Gentle day’s flower – The hummingbird competes With the stillness of the air.”- Chogyam Trungpa

  21. “I would say the hummingbird really deserves the royalties on [some of my songs].”- Leonard Cohen

  22. “I’m going to get a job, I’m broke. Right now I couldn’t buy spats for a hummingbird.”– Robert Blake

  23. “Try humming when you are alone. It’s like yoga…Makes you stress free and gives you positive vibes.”

  24. “Flutter like a hummingbird, Dive like an eagle, Ain’t no bird that’s my equal.” – Twilight Kathryn Lasky

  25. “Jewelled coryphee With quivering wings like shielding gauze outspread.”– Ednah Proctor Clarke (Hayes)

  26. “Hummingbird stay for a fractional sharp sweetness, and’s gone, can’t take more than that.”– Denise Levertov

  27. “Hummingbirds that defend territories of many flowers remember which flowers they have recently emptied.” – Susan Healy

  28. “I’d like to be like a hummingbird. You see them every now and then. You don’t see them everywhere.”- Shailene Woodley

  29. “Hummingbird is the spirit of pure joy! She is the messenger of beauty and wonder, and she reminds us to taste the sweet nectar of life.”                                                                     
    Hummingbird Quotes Photos
    Hummingbird Quotes Photos

  30. “Across the downs a hummingbird came dipping through the bowers, He pivoted on emptiness To scrutinize the flowers.”- Nathalia Crane

  31. “A rhododendron bud lavender-tipped. Soon a glory of blooms to clash with the cardinals and gladden the hummingbirds!”- Dave Beard

  32. “As long as the hummingbird had not abandoned the land, somewhere there were still flowers, and they could all go on.”- Leslie Marmon Silko

  33. “He wasn’t that good looking, he had the social skills of a wet cat and the patience of a caffeinated hummingbird.” – Karen Chance

  34. “Like the hummingbird sipping nectar from every flower, I fly joyfully through my days, seeing beauty in everything.”– Amethyst Wyldfyre

  35. “A flash of harmless lightning, A mist of rainbow dyes, The burnished sunbeams brightening From flower to flower he flies.”– John Banister Tabb

  36. “Coming eyeball to eyeball with a hummingbird on my terrace is as exciting to me as any celebrity Ive met as a result of Downton Abbey.”- Lesley Nicol

  37. “My work is the world. Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird – equal seekers of sweetness. Here the quickening yeast; there the blue plums.”- Mary Oliver

  38. “Quick as a humming bird is my love, Dipping into the hearts of flowers– She darts so eagerly, swiftly, sweetly Dipping into the flowers of my heart.”– James Oppenheim

  39. “In Mexico people wear hummingbird amulets around their necks to show they are searching for love. Here people pretend that they aren’t. Searching.”- Francesca Lia Block

  40. “I always loved those little creatures [hummingbird], always feel blessed when they appear nearby. There’s a magical quality to them. I finally put one in a song.”- Leonard Cohen

  41. “Some of my old memories feel trapped in amber in my brain, lucid and burning, while others are like the wing beat of a hummingbird, an intangible, ephemeral blur.”- Mira Bartok

  42. “Charm is the enchanted dart, light and subtle as a hummingbird. But it is deceptive in one thing: like a sense of humor, if you think you’ve got it, you probably haven’t.”- Laurel Lea

  43. “My mother’s eyes were large and brown, like my son’s, but unlike Sam’s, they were always frantic, like a hummingbird who can’t quite find the flower but keeps jabbing around.”- Anne Lamott

  44. “A day so happy. Fog lifted early. I worked in the garden. Hummingbirds were stopping over honeysuckle flowers. There was no thing on earth I wanted to possess. I know no one worth my envying him.”- Czeslaw Milosz

  45. “Hummingbird darts lightly through the world, spreading its message of joy and beauty, and teaching us to appreciate the wonder and magic of everyday existence. Hummingbird brings the gift of joy. Learn to laugh and be happy.”                                                                                                                                                           
    Quotes About Hummingbird
    Quotes About Hummingbird

  46. “Most elegantly finished in all parts, [the hummingbird] is a miniature work of our Great Parent, who seems to have formed it the smallest, and at the same time the most beautiful of the winged species.”- J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur

  47. “Some people never find the right kind of love. You know, the kind that steals your breath away, like diving into snowmelt. The kind that jolts your heart, sets it beating apace, an anxious hiccuping of hummingbird wings.”- Ellen Hopkins

  48. “By the way, did you fellows know that a hummingbird weighs as much as a quarter? Do you think a hummingbird also weighs the same as two dimes and a nickel? But then she asked a question of her own: How do they weigh a hummingbird?”- Calvin Trillin

  49. “I’d written a lot of songs with hummingbirds in them. None of them ever came to anything, but I did write a few lines last month. It went like this: ‘Listen to the hummingbird whose wings you cannot see. Listen to the hummingbird, don’t listen to me’.”- Leonard Cohen

  50. “And the humming-bird that hung Like a jewel up among The tilted honeysuckle horns They mesmerized and swung In the palpitating air, Drowsed with odors strange and rare. And, with whispered laughter, slipped away And let him hanging there.”– James Whitcomb Riley

  51. “You are so high in the tree.If you jump you will live a full life while falling.You will get married to a humming bird and raise beautiful part- hummingbirds. You will die of cancer in mid-air. I will not lie. It will be painful. You are a brave little boy or girl.”- Zachary Schomburg

  52. “Dancing is such a despised and dishonored trade that if you tell a doctor or a lawyer you do choreography he’ll look at you as if you were a hummingbird. Dancers don’t get invited to visit people. It is assumed a boy dancer will run off with the spoons and a girl with the head of the house.”– Agnes de Mille

  53. “A humming bird flew up to me and just hovered there staring at me. Its tiny heart was pattering like a machine gun… And I thought: what a thing to have to work that hard every day just to stay alive, to be constantly on the verge of death. And how satisfying every day must be that it survived.”                                       
    Inspirational Hummingbird Quotes
    Inspirational Hummingbird Quotes

  54. “After a few mouthfuls of moon-flavored air, even the stubbornly drowsy can find themselves wide-eyed.. All the normal noises of life were gone, leaving behind the secretive sounds, the shy sounds, the whispers and conversations of moss disputing with grass over some soft piece of earth, or the hummingbird snoring.”- N.D. Wilson

  55. “Obviously, he had this native intelligence, this sensitivity and this ability to move rapidly through a whole range of material, … You could just feel him taking stuff in with that gadfly energy, that hummingbird energy, taking a little something from here, there and everywhere, taking a little something from everything.”– Peter Sellars quotes

  56. “We’re constantly being bombarded by problems that we face and sometimes we can get completely overwhelmed. [But] we should always feel like a hummingbird. I may feel insignificant, but I don’t want to be like the other animals watching the planet go down the drain. I’ll be a hummingbird, I’ll do the best I can.”- Wangari Maathai

  57. “The first and most important thing for me is that people feel how beautiful fashion can be and that it is not just a case of well-made and expensive clothes. Fashion is so rich and it is such an amazing occupation because we can draw on so many different sources of inspiration – just as a hummingbird feeds on a multitude of flowers.” – Dries van Noten

  58. “And in time it will be as though men had never come to this perfect corner of the world-never called it paradise on earth, never despoiled it with their dream factories; and in the golden hush of the afternoon all that will be heard will be the flittering of dragonflies, and the murmur of hummingbirds as they pass from bower to bower, looking for a place to sup sweetness.”- Clive Barker

  59. “…when you are convinced that all the exits are blocked, either you take to believing in miracles or you stand still like the hummingbird. The miracle is that the honey is always there, right under your nose, only you were too busy searching elsewhere to realize it. The worst is not death but being blind, blind to the fact that everything about life is in the nature of the miraculous.” – Henry Miller

  60. “There is a difference between our wisdom and nature’s simplicity. That reflects the burden of a complex intelligence. A complex intelligence like ours is impotent compared to the intelligence of a monarch butterfly migrating from Canada to Mexico, or the intelligence of hummingbirds that have co-evolved with the flowers all along their migration route. That seems so simple; it just happens, it just unfolds.”- Alison Hawthorne Deming

  61. “My mind, I know, I can prove, hovers on hummingbird wings. It hovers and it churns. And when it’s operating at full thrust, the churning does not stop. The machines do not rest, the systems rarely cool. And while I can forget anything of any importance–this is why people tell me secrets–my mind has an uncanny knack for organization when it comes to pain. Nothing tormenting is ever lost, never even diminished in color or intensity or quality of sound.” – Dave Eggers

  62. “How do you view God in a desert? There’s two types of birds. There’s vultures, and there’s hummingbirds. One lives off dead carcasses, rotting meat. The other lives off the beautiful, sweet, nectar in a particular flower, on a particular desert plant, in the same desert. They both find what they’re looking for. Do you know – take it all the way back into the Old Testament – and the Muslim and you, we actually serve the same God. Allah, to a Muslim; to us, Abba Father, God.” – Brian Houston

  63. “One day a hummingbird flew in– It fluttered against the window til I got it down where I could reach it with an open umbrella– –When I had it in my hand it was so small I couldn’t believe I had it–but I could feel the intense life–so intense and so tiny– …You were like the humming bird to me… And I am rather inclined to feel that you and I know the best part of one another without spending much time together– –It is not that I fear the knowing– It is that I am at this moment willing to let you be what you are to me–it is beautiful and pure and very intensely alive.”- Georgia O’Keeffe

  64. “You are Life passing through your body, passing through your mind, passing through your soul. Once you find that out, not with logic, not with the intellect, but because you can feel that Life-you find out that you are the force that makes the flowers open and close, that makes the hummingbird fly from flower to flower. You find out that you are in every tree, and you are in every animal, vegetable, and rock. You are that force that moves the wind and breathes through your body. The whole universe is a living being that is moved by that force, and that is what you are. You are Life.”- Miguel Angel Ruiz

Hope these beautiful and meaningful hummingbird quotes inspire you to do something that even such a little creature can.


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