120 Global Warming Quotes On Climate Change For A Better World

Looking for inspirational quotes about global warming and climate change? We have rounded up the best collection of global warming quotes, climate change quotes, sayings, captions, slogans, posters, and status, (with images and pictures) to inspire you to spread awareness about the complexities of global warming and keep up the good fight for saving the planet.

These powerful quotes will inspire you to collectively take action for the betterment of the environment.

What is the meaning of global warming?

Global warming is the long-term increase in the overall temperature of the planet’s atmosphere. It is usually due to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, fossil fuels, and other pollutants.

Global warming has been taking place for a long but its pace has increased in the last fifty years due to the burning of fossil fuels.

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With the increase in population, the volume of burning fossil fuels has also gone drastically up. Fossil fuels include natural gas, oil, and coal, and burning them causes the “greenhouse effect” in the atmosphere.

The use of fossil fuels plays a significant role in global warming. Mining, drilling, and the use of explosives, all are involved in the process of extracting these fuels. All these activities lead to air pollution, degeneration of land, and acidification of oceans.

Burning fossil fuels, refining, transporting, farming livestock, and cutting down forests are some reasons that are responsible for influencing the earth’s temperature. Such activities emit a huge amount of carbon, a greenhouse gas into the atmosphere that is largely responsible for increasing the greenhouse effect and global warming.

These motivational quotes on global warming are divided into these sections;

  • Best Global Warming Quotes
  • Stop Global Warming Quotes
  • Famous Climate Change Quotes

These interesting quotes about global warming, climate change, saving the environment, and sustainability, by famous celebrities, activists, environmentalists, and scientists like Greta Thunberg, Leonardo Di Caprio, Barrack Obama, and others will help us to work towards reducing our footprints on the earth and its resources to slow down global warming.

Best Global Warming Quotes

  1. “The planet will continue to cook.”- Paul Krugman

  2. “Lets nurture the nature, so that we can have a better future.”

  3. “No one will blame you for global warming except your children.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                               
    Global Warming Quotes
    Global Warming Quotes

  4. “Global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening.” – James Hansen

  5. “The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.”- Ernest Hemingway                                     
    quotes about global warming
    quotes about global warming

  6. “We have to wake up to the fierce urgency of the now.” – Jim Yong Kim

  7. “When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.”- Benjamin Franklin

  8. “Our house is on fire. I am here to say, our house is on fire.” – Greta Thunberg                                                                                                                                                                 
    global warming quotes greta thunberg
    global warming quotes greta thunberg

  9. “Mother Earth is in pain and ailing because of global warming.” – Danny Glover

  10. “Global warming must be seen as an economic and security threat.” – Kofi Annan

  11. “Global warming causing climate change may be the ultimate issue that unites us all.”

  12. “The Earth is in a death spiral. It will take radical action to save us.”- George Monbiot

  13. “Eighty per cent of global warming comes from livestock and deforestation.” – Heather Mills

  14. “Since global warming Eskimos now have twenty different words for water.”- John O’Farrell

  15. “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.”- Mahatma Gandhi                                                                                                                               
    global warming quotes for posters
    global warming quotes for posters

  16. “What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?”- Henry David Thoreau

  17. “It’s a collective endeavour, it’s collective accountability and it may not be too late.” – Christine Lagarde

  18. “We have a single mission: to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation.” – Francois Hollande

  19. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”- Native American Proverb                                                                                                             
    Global Warming Quotes Images
    Global Warming Quotes Images

  20. “I always wondered why somebody don’t do something about Global Warming then I realized I am somebody.”

  21. “Preservation of our environment is not a liberal or conservative challenge, it’s common sense.”- Ronald Reagan

  22. “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”- Dr Jane Goodall

  23. “Global warming will not end by Earth finding a shade under the trees but under our hands joined together.” – Agona Apell

  24. “Each of the last three decades has been successively warmer at the Earth’s surface than any preceding decade since 1850.”

  25. “Global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore its danger or split into opposing factions on it.”- Tony Blair

  26. “Global warming is real – it is man-made and it is an important problem. But it is not the end of the world.” – Bjorn Lomborg

  27. “Global Warming: It is a hoax. It is bad science. It is high-jacking public policy. It is the greatest scam in history.” – John Coleman

  28. “Global warming is no longer a philosophical threat, no longer a future threat, no longer a threat at all. It’s our reality.” – Bill McKibben

  29. “Global warming is controversial, of course, but the controversy is mainly over whether human activity is driving it.” – Michio Kaku

  30. “Global warming threatens our health, our economy, our natural resources, and our children’s future. It is clear we must act.” – Eliot Spitzer

Stop Global Warming Quotes And Slogans

  1. “The time for seeking global solutions is running out. We can find suitable solutions only if we act together and in agreement.”- Pope Francis

  2. “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” – Chris Maser

  3. “A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.”- John James Audubon

  4. “Unless we act boldly and quickly to deal with the underlying causes of global warming, our world will undergo a string of terrible catastrophes …” – Al Gore

  5. “The time is past when humankind thought it could selfishly draw on exhaustible resources. We know now the world is not a commodity.” – Francois Hollande

  6. “Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” – Indian Proverb

  7. “Pollution and climate change by excessive burning of fossil fuels are real threats, not the people who warn that we must take these threats seriously.”- David Suzuki

  8. “We must now agree on a binding review mechanism under international law, so that this century can credibly be called a century of decarbonisation.” – Angela Merkel

  9. “The best friend of earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

  10. “The violence that exists in the human heart is also manifest in the symptoms of illness that we see in the Earth, the water, the air and in living things.” – Pope Francis

  11. “By polluting the oceans, not mitigating CO2 emissions and destroying our biodiversity, we are killing our planet. Let us face it, there is no planet B.”- Emmanuel Macron

  12. “Global warming is indeed a scam, perpetrated by scientists with vested interests, but in need of crash courses in geology, logic and the philosophy of science.” – Martin Keeley

  13. “I will be very sad when global warming and toxins kill off all the toads and frogs and salamanders. Here’s hoping we, as humans, figure out a way to be less stupid.” – Moby

  14. “Today, we can see with our own eyes what global warming is doing. In that context it becomes truly irresponsible, if not immoral, for us not to do something.” – Joe Lieberman

  15. “The warnings about global warming have been extremely clear for a long time. We are facing a global climate crisis. It is deepening. We are entering a period of consequences.” – Al Gore

  16. “We simply must do everything we can in our power to slow down global warming before it is too late… The science is clear. The global warming debate is over.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger

  17. “We are running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe.”- Elon Musk

  18. “Let’s double down on solar energy, let’s be more energy-efficient, let’s weatherize our homes. We can build a better, healthier economy based on good-paying, clean energy jobs.”- Ian Somerhalder

  19. “We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet.”- Stephen Hawking

  20. “It is upsetting that many people don’t seem to observe what’s happening to the environment, what’s happening in terms of global warming, the loss of habitats and wild things.” – Joanne Woodward

  21. “Yet, despite our many advances, our environment is still threatened by a range of problems, including global climate change, energy dependence on unsustainable fossil fuels, and loss of biodiversity.” – Dan Lipinski

  22. “The impact of global warming are such that I have no hesitation in describing it as a ‘weapon of mass destruction.’ Like terrorism, this weapon knows no boundaries. It can strike anywhere, in any form.” – John Houghton

  23. “It’s important for me to have hope because that’s my job as a parent, to have hope, for my kids, that we’re not going to leave them in a world that’s in shambles, that’s a chaotic place, that’s a dangerous place.”- James Cameron

  24. “I hope to use my celebrity to motivate people and contribute to moving our global society back from the brink. I am surprised environment is not at the top of the agenda. What is more important than good and clean air?”- Don Cheadle

  25. “When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money.” – Alanis Obomsawim

  26. “Global warming is part of natural cycle and there’s nothing we can actually do to stop these cycles. The world is now facing spending a vast amount of money in tax to try to solve a problem that doesn’t actually exist.” – David Bellamy

  27. “The good news is, we have everything we need now to respond to the challenge of global warming. We have all the technologies we need, more are being developed…. But we should not wait, we cannot wait, we must not wait.” – Al Gore

  28. “I hold a vision of this blue green planet, safe and in balance. At the end of the Fossil Fuel Era, we are emerging to a new reality. We are ready to make the next leap – as momentous as abolishing slavery or giving women the vote.”- Elizabeth May

  29. “People tend to focus on the here and now. The problem is that, once global warming is something that most people can feel in the course of their daily lives, it will be too late to prevent much larger, potentially catastrophic changes.” – Elizabeth Kolbert

  30. “The world is reaching the tipping point beyond which climate change may become irreversible. If this happens, we risk denying present and future generations the right to a healthy and sustainable planet – the whole of humanity stands to lose.”- Kofi Annan

  31. “Some of the scientists, I believe, haven’t they been changing their opinion a little bit on global warming? There’s a lot of differing opinions and before we react I think it’s best to have the full accounting, full understanding of what’s taking place.” – George W. Bush

  32. “It’s not that the world hasn’t had more carbon dioxide, it’s not that the world hasn’t been warmer. The problem is the speed at which things are changing. We are inducing a sixth mass extinction event kind of by accident and we don’t want to be the ‘extinctee.’”- Bill Nye

  33. “The most important thing about global warming is this. Whether humans are responsible for the bulk of climate change is going to be left to the scientists, but it’s all of our responsibility to leave this planet in better shape for the future generations than we found it.” – Mike Huckabee

  34. “Adults keep saying we owe it to the young people, to give them hope, but I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. I want you to act. I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is.”- Greta Thunberg

  35. “Critics of the global warming agenda are motivated… by a love of freedom and civil liberties. They want a discussion based on logic and facts that will address any problems without depriving us of liberty and personal choice. They do not want to sacrifice our way of life based on fears of an unproven theory. After all, the loss of liberty is a greater cause of alarm than global warming.”- Deneen Borelli

  36. “One can see from space how the human race has changed the Earth. Nearly all of the available land has been cleared of forest and is now used for agriculture or urban development. The polar icecaps are shrinking and the desert areas are increasing. At night, the Earth is no longer dark, but large areas are lit up. All of this is evidence that human exploitation of the planet is reaching a critical limit. But human demands and expectations are ever-increasing. We cannot continue to pollute the atmosphere, poison the ocean and exhaust the land. There isn’t any more available.”- Stephen Hawking

Famous Climate Change Quotes

Climate change is another issue that comes from global warming. In general climate change refers to long-term changes in temperatures and weather patterns.

These changes are natural due to the slow shifts in the Earth’s orbit. But since the last few decades, human activities have been the main reason for climate change. The use of fossil fuels to power machines and generate electricity affects the climate in a very significant way.

From rising sea levels caused due to warmer seas and melting glaciers to irregular seasons, all are shreds of evidence of climate change.

Climate change is a result of global warming which is a serious threat to life on earth in form of droughts, flooding, catastrophic storms, and extreme weather.

  1. “Don’t burn your kid’s future.” – Unknown

  2. “People need to stop financing denial of climate change.” – Al Gore

  3. “The biggest risk to African growth is climate change.” – Paul Polman

  4. “If I destroy nature, I destroy myself as well. I lose my dignity.” – Hindou Ibrahim

  5. “We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.” – Terri Swearingen                                                                                                                                                               
    climate change quotes
    climate change quotes

  6. “There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” – Marshall McLuhan

  7. “Protecting our future on this planet depends on the conscious evolution of our species.”

  8. “If you want to understand opposition to climate action, follow the money.”- Paul Krugman

  9. “We need to put a price on carbon in the markets, and a price on denial in politics.” – Al Gore

  10. “Man has reached the point where his impact on the climate can be as significant as nature’s.”

  11. “By the time we see that climate change is really bad, your ability to fix it is extremely limited.” – Unknown                                                                                                             
    quotes about climate change
    quotes about climate change

  12. “Renewables are the key to securing energy for all in Latin America.” – Tomas Gonzalez Estrada

  13. “Climate change is about something deeper than justice, it’ about solidarity.”- Human solidarity

  14. “No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.” – Barack Obama                                                                                                                           
    quotes on climate change
    quotes on climate change

  15. “The less we do to address climate change now, the more regulation we will have in the future.”- Bill Nye

  16. “The climate is changing. The proper political debate would be how to deal with these risks.” – Steven Chu

  17. “Young people must hold older generations accountable for the mess they have created.” – Greta Thunberg                                                                                                                                 
    climate change quotes images
    climate change quotes images

  18. “Climate change increasingly poses one of the biggest long-term threats to investments.” – Christiana Figueres

  19. “Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.” – Barack Obama

  20. “It’s not climate change that needs to be tackled. It is the political power of the fossil fuel industry.”- Richard Denniss

  21. “Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority.”- Bill Gates

  22. “People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change.” – Desmond Tutu

  23. “Climate change can no longer be denied. It can’t be edited out. It can’t be omitted from the conversation.”- Barack Obama

  24. “On climate change, we often don’t fully appreciate that it is a problem. We think it is a problem waiting to happen.”- Kofi Annan

  25. “We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”- Barack Obama

  26. “Climate change is a huge challenge, but it can be brought in line if governments, businesses and individuals work together.”- Sir Richard Branson

  27. “Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years. Climate change.” – David Attenborough

  28. “Climate change is the single biggest thing that humans have ever done on this planet. The one thing that needs to be bigger is our movement to stop it. ”

  29. “The blunt truth about the politics of climate change is that no country will want to sacrifice its economy in order to meet this challenge.”- Tony Blair

  30. “Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.” – Bill Nye

  31. “Twenty-five years ago people could be excused for not knowing much, or doing much, about climate change. Today we have no excuse.”- Desmond Tutu

  32. “Climate change is the greatest threat to our existence in our short history on this planet. Nobody’s going to buy their way out of its effects.”- Mark Ruffalo

  33. “There’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent threat of a changing climate.” – Barack Obama

  34. “Even when nuclear power plants go horribly wrong, they do less damage to the planet and its people than coal-burning stations operating normally.” – George Monbiot

  35. “The shift to a cleaner energy economy wont happen overnight, and it will require tough choices along the way. But the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact.” – Barack Obama

  36. “We don’t have time to sit on our hands as our planet burns. For young people, climate change is bigger than election or re-election. It’s life or death.”- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  37. “One Earth we have, one life we live, lets not destroy other lives, but to save it. Save mother Earth from pollutants. If I can do it so can you. Stop global warming.”- Unknown

  38. “On an increasingly crowded planet, humanity faces many threats – but none is greater than climate change. It magnifies every hazard and tension of our existence.” – Prince Charles

  39. “One thing leads to the other. Deforestation leads to climate change, which leads to ecosystem losses, which negatively impacts our livelihoods – it’s a vicious cycle.”- Gisele Bundchen

  40. “All the consequences of global warming will occur more rapidly. That’s the scary thing: the amount of time we have got to do something about it is smaller than we thought.” – Guy Kirk

  41. “Climate change is real. It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.”- Leonardo Di Caprio

  42. “We have to get to the point where each individual, each corporation, each community chooses low carbon, because it makes fundamental sense. It should become a no-brainer.” – Christiana Figueres

  43. “The problem of climate change is so large that it can’t be solved by voluntary individual responses. It requires an economy-wide solution, i.e. one that limits the total carbon intake of the economy.” -Peter Barnes

  44. “Climate change is destroying our path to sustainability. Ours is a world of looming challenges and increasingly limited resources. Sustainable development offers the best chance to adjust our course.” – Ban Ki-moon

  45. “Climate change knows no borders. It will not stop before the Pacific Islands and the whole of the international community here has to shoulder a responsibility to bring about sustainable development.”- Angela Merkel

  46. “Climate change is the single greatest threat to a sustainable future but, at the same time, addressing the climate challenge presents a golden opportunity to promote prosperity, security and a brighter future for all.”- Ban Ki-Moon

  47. “The world must come together to confront climate change. There is little scientific dispute that if we do nothing, we will face more drought, famine and mass displacement that will fuel more conflict for decades.”- Barack Obama

  48. “Climate change is real. Climate change is being substantially increased by humans and the carbon we put into the atmosphere. And it appears to be speeding up. If science has made any mistakes, science has been underestimating it.” – James Balog

  49. “The clear and present danger of climate change means we cannot burn our way to prosperity. We already rely too heavily on fossil fuels. We need to find a new, sustainable path to the future we want. We need a clean industrial revolution.” – Ban Ki-moon

  50. “Doing all we can to combat climate change comes with numerous benefits, from reducing pollution and associated health care costs to strengthening and diversifying the economy by shifting to renewable energy, among other measures.” – David Suzuki

  51. “We are the first generation to be able to end poverty, and the last generation that can take steps to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Future generations will judge us harshly if we fail to uphold our moral and historical responsibilities.” – Ban Ki-moon

  52. “We really need to kick the carbon habit and stop making our energy from burning things. Climate change is also really important. You can wreck one rainforest then move, drain one area of resources and move onto another, but climate change is global.”- Sir David Attenborough

  53. “If we do not change our negative habits toward climate change, we can count on worldwide disruptions in food production, resulting in mass migration, refugee crises and increased conflict over scarce natural resources like water and farm land. This is a recipe for major security problems.” – Michael Franti

  54. “As human beings, we are vulnerable to confusing the unprecedented with the improbable. In our everyday experience, if something has never happened before, we are generally safe in assuming it is not going to happen in the future, but the exceptions can kill you and climate change is one of those exceptions.” – Al Gore

  55. “Climate change is a global problem. The planet is warming because of the growing level of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. If this trend continues, truly catastrophic consequences are likely to ensue from rising sea levels to reduced water availability, to more heat waves and fires.” – Malcolm Turnbull

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