80 Florida Captions And Quotes For Your Instagram Posts

Looking for cool captions for your beach pictures in Florida? We have rounded up the best Florida captions, quotes, one-liners, status messages, sayings, (with images and pictures) to tag your Instagram Beach Pictures. #FloridaCaptions

Florida is one of the most famous states in the USA. It is popularly known as the Sunshine State and is known for its amusement parks, and orange crops, beaches, vacations and Kennedy Space Center.

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Use these amazing quotes about Florida to inspire your vacation, and use the short captions to perfectly for those looking for Florida Photos for Instagram!

Florida Captions For Instagram Pictures

  1. Shell yeah.

  2. Tis the sea-sun!

  3. The land of sunshine.

  4. I’m a true oceanholic!

  5. Sunsets and palm trees.

  6. Life is better in flip flops.

  7. Every seashell has a story.

  8. Happiness comes in waves.

  9. Keep calm and love Florida.

  10. There’s no place like Florida.

  11. The best days are beach days.

  12. Salt in the air. Sand in my hair.

  13. Believe in something beautiful.

  14. Welcome to the sunshine state.

  15. Some call it a vacation. I call it home.

  16. In Florida, we salt Margaritas. Not sidewalks.

  17. I’m all about the palm trees and the 80 degrees.

  18. Beach: A place of relaxation, rest, and tranquility.

  19. Be grateful for good friends, hot sun, and clean water.

  20. Let the waves kiss your feet, and the sand be your seat.

  21. The grass is always greener underneath a coconut tree.

  22. A bad day in Florida is still better than a good day anywhere else.

  23. “Florida: America’s hot, moist land-Wang.” – Chuck Wending, The Cormorant

  24. “My parents didn’t want to move to Florida, but they turned 60 and that’s just the law.” – Jerry Seinfeld

  25. “My love for you is like a Florida sunset. Orange, coral, pink, and lavender, it exists to warm your heart through the inevitable darkness.” – Jarod Kintz

Florida Quotes

  1. “Florida, bro. It’s different.” – Dominic Fike

  2. “Florida is a very healing place.” – Burt Reynolds

  3. “I am a Florida guy. I don’t do cold.” – J. R. Ramirez

  4. “We ought to be bragging about Florida!” – Rick Scott

  5. “Florida means land of flowers, not land of ugly.” – Bill Jonson

  6. “Florida is a great microcosm of the country.” – Martha MacCallum

  7. “Florida is the world’s greatest amusement park.” – Budd Schulberg

  8. “Almost everything strange washes up near Miami.” – Rick Riordan

  9. “Anytime I get down to Miami, it’s a wonderful thing.” – Bill Goldberg

  10. “It’s always sunny in the Sunshine State. Except for at night.” – Jarod Kintz

  11. “It’s Florida. Hair is just an extra sweater I’m forced to wear.” – Emma Gonzalez

  12. “I live in Florida and people are crazy here. And I say that lovingly.” – Amy Seimetz

  13. “The one thing I did learn at Florida State, I learned to talk trash, believe that.” – Randy Moss

  14. “Florida will be gone altogether, the whole damned place, in not too long.” – James Lovelock

  15. “One thing I will never do as long as I’m at Georgia is to lose to Florida.” – Herschel Walker

  16. “Florida is a place for innovation, for prosperity, for pioneering.” – Hendrith Vanlon Smith, Jr.

  17. “For a lot of people in different times in their life, Florida represents a new start.” – Larry Reimer

  18. “I like Florida. Everything is in the ’80s. The temperatures, the ages, and the IQs.” – George Carlin

  19. “Florida tends to be one of those places that people like to play in the winter.” – Gary Bongiovanni

  20. “Florida is a crazy place, and I have played some of the wildest shows of my life here.” – Henry Rollins

  21. “I love Florida. I love the beach. I love the sound of the crashing surfers against the rocks.” – Emo Philips

  22. “There are characteristics of central Florida you don’t see anywhere else. It’s quite beautiful.” – Sean baker

  23. “Florida was also very hot and full of mosquitoes and strange creatures such as alligators.” – Teresa Wimmer

  24. “The great thing about Florida is you – each city’s about two hours’ drive from everywhere else.” – John Cleese

  25. “Sometimes I think I’ve figured out some order in the universe, but then I find myself in Florida.”- Susan Orlean

  26. “I live in Florida, and I live on a small lagoon. I sit and look out at the water all day – that’s what my desk is.” -Ted Bell

  27. “One thing about living in South Florida is that everywhere you go is violently air-conditioned.” – Katie Cotugno

  28. “Florida is a most unusual place. It can feel at once stifling and like anything is possible there.” – Laura Van Den Berg

  29. “I am big into water sports and just being out on the water. That is second nature to me, being from Florida.” -Jake Owen

  30. “Remember that Florida is a land of weirdos and bizarre happenings, and conduct yourselves accordingly.” -Jeff Zentner

  31. “I grew up in Florida, where if you weren’t comfortable dancing, you weren’t going to get any girls.” – Channing Tatum

  32. “Florida is a cultural crossroads where people of different backgrounds have mingled, traded, and sometimes fought.” – Perry Chang

  33. “Florida is a golden word…The very name Florida carried the message of warmth and ease and comfort. It was irresistible.” – John Steinbeck

  34. “I couldn’t adjust to the racism in Florida. It was so blatant… I had never been so described as Florida described me.” – Sidney Poitier

  35. “Florida is a strange place: hot, beautiful, ugly. I love it here, and how nothing makes sense but still, somehow, there is a rhythm.” – Roxane Gay

  36. “Two things Florida can teach the other 49 stated: how to make good margarita ad how to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane.” – Tom Feeney

  37. “I was never good at scratching, but I was good at collecting old records. Florida was a great place for that because it’s where people go to die.” – Diplo

  38. “The Florida skies are like no other, with cloud formations that are awesome! Even when it rains, the sun shines through the drops.” – Connie Letang

  39. “The Florida sun seems not much a single thing overhead but a set of klieg lights that pursue you everywhere with an even white illumination.” – John Updike

  40. “Florida isn’t so much a place where one goes to reinvent oneself, as it is a place where one goes if one no longer wished to be found.” – Douglas Coupland

  41. “Sure as the summer in Florida’s sunny, I’d say that’s right down the middle, ain’t no doubt, not even a little, will I love you for the rest of my life.”– Clay Walker

  42. “I live in Florida, and when people ask how close to the beach I am, I say, ‘Twelve minutes or twelve hours. Depends on which beach you want to go to.” – Jarod Kintz

  43. “I won’t comment on the weather we had. Did you know they named a wine after the first bird who ever flew down to Florida for the winter? Cold duck.” – Robert Orben

  44. “Florida is different things to different people. To some, Florida is a paradise. It is warm water, sun-drenched beaches, mysterious swamps, and stunning coral reefs.” – Perry Chang

  45. “I go to Florida sometimes for vacation. I actually really like Florida. It’s a weird place, it’s surreal. It’s so close, but you feel like you’re in another world or on an island.” – Jemima Kirke

  46. “Florida…does beguile and gratify me—giving me my first and last (evidently) sense of the tropics, or a peu pres, the subtropics, and revealing to me blandness in nature of which I had no idea.” – Henry James

  47. “It doesn’t matter how much I think I know about Florida, it still flips me on the head every time. It’s just an absurd, electric place, and the stories that can come out of that place just never stop.” – Matt Passmore

  48. “Florida has its own rhythm, too. People go to work, they watch their children learn and grow and start families of their own. They play in the sun and pass their lives enjoying the outsize blessings that make our state unique.” – Jeb Bush

  49. Living happily ever after at Disney. It’s not easy being a princess…but hey, if the slipper fits! Find me on Main Street anytime. Looking for my Prince Charming Ready to make some magic while I’m here Cinderella is proof is that new shoes really do change your life Does this ice cream go with my ears?

  50. “The miracle of the light pours over the green and brown expanse of saw grass and of water, shining and slow-moving below, the grass and water that is the meaning and the central fact of the Everglades of Florida. It is a river of grass.” – Marjorie Stoneman Douglas

  51. “Florida is a place of unparalleled diversity of backgrounds, experiences and vision. It makes our culture unique, but it can also make it difficult to define a common identity and create a sense of community that reaches beyond our neighborhoods to all corners of our state.” – Jeb Blush


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