40 Facetime Quotes & Captions That Are Very Relatable

Looking for quotes about facetime? We have rounded up the best collection of interesting facetime quotes, sayings, Instagram captions, one-liners, and more (with images and pictures which you might relate to.

When you can’t meet your friends and family due to time and distance, Facetime comes as a savior. In this age where we long to meet our boyfriend/husband/wife/partner, it becomes easy to facetime them and meet them virtually and feel connected.

Whenever you feel lonely you can video call and connect to your loved ones and feel their presence. These amazing facetime quotes are a mix of funny, interesting ones which you will find incredibly real.

Facetime Quotes & Captions

  1. “I have a weakness for FaceTime calls.”

  2. “FaceTime lowest volume bout loud as f**k.”

  3. “I feel like FaceTiming right now. It. No one to FaceTime.”

  4. “Them – You a texter or a facetimer?, Me – a do not disturber.”

  5. “Turnoff until FaceTime until Apple releases a fix for this y’all.”

  6. “I could sit on FaceTime and not say sh*t, I like your presence.”

  7. “FaceTime needs a button where you can mute the other person.”

  8. “It’s crazy how good you sleep when you fall asleep on FaceTime.”

  9. “Am I the only mf that hate getting random FaceTime calls n sh*t.”

  10. “I do not like to FaceTime unless we best friends or I’m in love with you.”

  11. “Once we get close, you can FaceTime me anytime. I hate this texting sh*t.”

  12. “Why we can’t leave FaceTime voicemails I need a bih to see what I got to say.”

  13. “FaceTime is a life saver for relationships and for family.” – Erika Christensen

  14. “I s*ck at FaceTime 2 mins in I’m putting you on pause and getting on Instagram.”

  15. “I will sit on FaceTime with you while you playing the game idgaf… long as we otp I’m fine.”

  16. “We can neither stop time, nor we can change time. We have to face time.” – Shweta Gupta

  17. “Even one eye contact over FaceTime can bring back thousand of memories.” – Komal Rani

  18. “In a generation of facetime conversations, I still believe, those filter less face to face talks are the best.”

  19. “Having too many Apple products gets annoying. You get one FaceTime and the whole room starts ringing.”

  20. “When y’all on FaceTime and his phone keep vibrating and he say it’s the group chat, yen got that many friends.”

  21. “You will never appreciate a FaceTime call until it’s the closest thing you have to actually being with the person you miss.”

  22. “FaceTime me. Translation: Call me so we can both be absolutely silent which is okay because your presence is all I want.”

  23. “I’m not a “buy me this, and buy me that” type of girlfriend. I’m more like “call me, FaceTime me, text back, come over”.”

  24. “They don’t have photographs together. But sometimes having face time screenshots is better.” – Ankita Arun Parab

  25. “You ever just FaceTime someone and leave them on there while both of y’all are doing other stuff because you just like their company?”

  26. “Hey Love, I am waiting to have a facetime with you, so that we can touch our souls by maintaining social distance.” – Pallavi Chak

  27. “The 4 most said things on FaceTime: 1. Take me off pause, 2. Who you texting, 3. Why am I looking at your ceiling, 4. It’s not my wifi, it’s yours.”

  28. “I said I have to FaceTime her every night to make dinner with her because I won’t be able to do it myself. So she said she’ll accept it if I do that.” – Shawn Mendes

  29. “In the era of FaceTime. We love our intense face time conversations. Where I swim in his oceanic eyes and he flies around in the breathe we exhale.” – Ipshita Mukherjee

  30. “I get to work and Face Time my friends and family and go, “Hey, I’m just showing you around my spaceship!” It’s great to be able to do that. I’m having a ball!” – Arthur Darvill

  31. “She likes to watch me, touch myself. She gives me instructions on how to slowly stroke myself. She enjoys this slow tease she inflicts on me, when she does facetime, playing with me.”

  32. “I get to go to work and FaceTime my friends and family and go, “Hey, I’m just showing you around my spaceship!” It’s great to be able to do that. I’m having a ball!” – Arthur Darvill

  33. “Face time… or face-time??!! I wear time on my face so that I run along with it timeless non-stop! Without having any useless face-time. Facing life in direct proportion with time!” – Santhi Anandan

  34. “I probably would like to do more than I do, because I love working, but I can’t work more than I work because I have to do some facetime with the family, and the work that I do is just all-encompassing.” – Michelle Pfeiffer

  35. “I love my wife. We FaceTime and we talk on the phone and she travels to come see me when she can. But she works as well. But we see each other a lot more than people would think, though, because we make it happen and we love each other so much.” – Wiz Khalifa

  36. “Call your girl on FaceTime tonight and tell her you love her. When she start smiling just express your feelings you have towards her. Come out been strong and don’t hold nothing back. It’s okay to step outta your comfort zone to make her happy. It’s not being a p***y at all.”

  37. “One of my New Year’s resolutions was to interact more with people. That sounds quite technical, but literally face time. Not FaceTime, because that’s a thing now, but to be in the room with someone. To turn your phone off. To sit and have dinner and just be there with somebody.” – Tom Hiddleston

  38. “We FaceTime and Skype. My two older kids got iPods for their birthdays, so they can FaceTime their dad whenever they need him.They always get a six o’ clock call right after dinner, and I make sure I talk to each child. Even my 1 – year – old gets on the phone and says ‘Daddy’.They know my schedule by now and count the days back until I get home.” – Cc Sabathia

  39. “I don’t have time to be going back and forth with nobody.’ Even now, when I work, I’m excited to go home to see my son. If I’m working, I make sure I FaceTime so many times in the day just to see him. Anytime I get frustrated or stressed, I FaceTime my son and immediately I don’t even know what stress is because I’m accepting my life. When I see him, I see me.” – DJ Khaled

  40. “I found when we released Not Your Kind of People it was hard for me to go back on tour, especially when we had some runs that were 7 or 8 weeks in a row and I wouldn’t see my family the whole time. It has gotten easier with the internet you know because you can Skype or get on Facetime and connect with your family. It was much harder to do that when we started Garbage 20 years ago.” – Butch Vig


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