90 Quotes About Liking Someone To Express Your Feelings

Looking for cute heartfelt liking someone quotes? We have rounded up the best collection of quotes about liking someone, sayings, captions, messages, status, (with images and pictures) to express how much you like them

When you meet someone you like, you enjoy their company and feel happy being with them. This may be your crush, boyfriend or girlfriend. The feeling is new and it makes you feel good. You may be in a relationship or feel this for a friend.

At times you may like someone who does not like you back. It is surely heart breaking but all you can do is cherish your bond.

These inspirational liking someone quotes and messages are divided into these sections;

  • Quotes About Liking Someone
  • When you Like Someone Quotes
  • Liking Someone Quotes For Her
  • Liking Someone Quotes for Him

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Quotes About Liking Someone

  1. “There’s something about you.”

  2. “I like you, a lot. Like a lot, a lot.”

  3. “Dying to know. Afraid to find out.”

  4. “I’m afraid to lose you and you’re not even mine.”

  5. “Love is liking someone better than you like yourself.”

  6. “Best part of liking someone, is when they like you back.”

  7. “I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned.”

  8. “How do you make yourself not like someone.”- Louise Rennison

  9. “There’s a weird pleasure in loving someone who doesn’t love you.”

  10. “The best feeling is when you look at him and he is already staring.”

  11. “I like you more than I would like to have a cigarette.”- Wendy Cope

  12. “I’m so in love, every time I look at you my soul gets dizzy.”- Jesse Tyler

  13. “Liking one person is an extra reason for liking another.”- E. M. Forster

  14. “I hate it when I start liking someone. They always end up disappointing me.”

  15. “We don’t meet people by accident, they meant to cross our path for a reason.”

  16. “Find someone who knows that you’re not perfect but treats you as if you are.”

  17. “You flew off with the wings of my heart and left me flightless.”- Stelle Atwater

  18. “Wanna hear something funny? What? I think I started liking you.”- Jenny Han

  19. “You can tell if someone’s into you. You can feel the chemistry.”- Bradley Cooper

  20. “Liking someone comes natural, but loving someone it’s a choice.”- Abraham Ruiz

  21. “When you fall for someone’s personality everything about them becomes beautiful.”
    Liking Someone Quotes
    Liking Someone Quotes

  22. “What I feel for you seems less of earth and more of a cloudless heaven.”- Victor Hugo

  23. “Liking someone occurs naturally because of their attractiveness.”- John James Miller

  24. “Every time you speak about how much you like someone else, it kills me inside.”- Xuan Ta

  25. “Liking someone doesn’t mean you have to be lovers, sometimes you just have to be friends.”

  26. “Love’s easy. It kind of comes with the territory. But liking is another story.”- Melina Marchetta

  27. “Natural liking or affection for people makes it easier to be ‘charitable toward them.”- C.S. Lewis

  28. “It’s a lot easier to like people when they can’t make life miserable for you anymore.”- Carol Kendall

  29. “What is worst liking someone who doesn’t like you or having someone like you that you don’t like?”

  30. “If love is liking someone an awful lot, then I suppose I’m in love with several people.”- Steig Larsson

  31. “The moment you let yourself start liking someone and then they tell you they found someone better.”

  32. “Sometimes you never realize how much you like someone, until you watch them liking someone else.”

  33. “If you don’t expect to like someone and then you do, that’s an incredibly exciting moment.”- Steven Moffat

  34. “That weird moment when you realize you will never stop liking someone, no matter HOW they treat you.”

  35. “You know you really like someone, when you sit the painful way in your chair just to get a better look at them.”
    cute quotes about liking someone
    cute quotes about liking someone

  36. “You know you are in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”- Dr. Seuss

  37. “I’m all for being in love and whenever I like someone, I end up pretty much completely smitten.”- Ed Westwick

  38. “Honestly, I don’t need someone who sees the good in me. I need someone who sees the bad in me and still wants me.”

  39. “Liking someone results from a good feeling for someone because of what they are and what they do.”- John James Miller

  40. “I like someone I can have fun with and who can be more laid-back than I am, because it calms me down.”- Ashley Tisdale

  41. “Do you know what it’s like to like someone so much you can’t stand it and know that they’ll never feel the same way.”- Jenny Han

  42. “Dear heart, so there’s this guy that you want me to like but I don’t want to so can you please stop beating so fast when comes by.”

  43. “Just because you discover that you may like somebody after all, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any attraction.”- Steve Kluger

  44. “I hate it when you can’t stop thinking about that one person… and deep down inside you know they probably haven’t thought about you once.”

  45. “To look into that persons eyes and find yourself so completely lost in another world, a world full of absolute comfort and happiness.”- Lily Collins

  46. “Have you ever just looked at someone while they’re doing something small like driving or laughing and just smile because you like them so much.”
    quotes about meeting someone new and liking them
    quotes about meeting someone new and liking them

  47. “The world, I sometimes think, is filled with someone liking someone who likes someone else who likes someone else.” – Lauren Baratz-Logsted

  48. “And because we tend to like people who like us, another very simple part of liking someone is knowing that the person likes you.”- Jeffrey D. Holmes

  49. “It is also necessary to keep a very sharp lookout for fear our liking for some person makes us uncharitable, or even unfair, to someone else.”- C.S. Lewis

  50. “You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry.”- John Mayer

  51. “If someone below us does not treat us politely, we don’t like anything he does. If, instead, we take a liking to someone, we forgive him anything he does.”- St Francis of Sales

  52. “Liking someone is a candle. It can melt, burn out and you have no idea how long it can last. True love is the eternal light from the sun. Always there, whether you like it or not.”

  53. “Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away; and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart.”- Robert Sexton

  54. “Liking someone’s company need not suggest true intimacy— it can simply mean enjoying their humor rather than having any confidence in their actual abilities.”- Baltasar Graciàn

  55. “Why is it so embarrassing to admit you like someone? It should be a compliment to them, and even if they don’t like you back, they should at least commend you on your refined taste.”- Dalya Moon

  56. “Liking someone who gives you can induce you to provide a return gift, since liking someone implies liking what is good for her, and generally her satisfaction, pleasure, or happiness.”- Serge-Christophe Kolm

  57. “It sucks, doesn’t it? Liking someone you can’t have. Seeing them everyday, but knowing that they’ll never be yours. It’s the worst feeling, cause all you can do is dream about and wish for them, but never have them.”

  58. “The fact of the matter is that when there are feelings involved and you like someone, it doesn’t matter if you’re an actor, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a receptionist, you can’t really help it when you have feelings for someone.”- Jessica Szohr

  59. “We flirt all the time and smile and laugh, but how am I supposed to know if this is real? I can’t control my feelings anymore. It’s so hard being around you and not saying all the things I want you to hear. I’m trying my best to act casual, but all I can seem to do is get mezmorized in your eyes.”

  60. “It’s so difficult liking someone. You overanalyze every little thing they do, and you tend to assume the worst all the time. One day they could make you feel so special, and the next you wonder if they have feelings for you at all. Your mind is enthralled with them, and you have all these things you’re urging to tell them but you can’t find the courage and you fear that they don’t feel the same way. It’s like your whole life revolves around them in every way possible, your mood, how your days goes, and everything else.”

When You Like Someone Quotes

  1. “I always end up liking someone completely wrong for me.”

  2. “Liking someone and being attracted to someone is two different things.”

  3. “To find someone likeable is thus to like him for a reason.”- J. David Velleman

  4. “Getting people to like you is merely the other side of liking them.”- Norman Vincent Peale

  5. “There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other.”- J.K. Rowling

  6. “When people go on about not liking someone then the next day they’re with them… fake!”

  7. “I’m sick of just liking people. I wish to God I could meet somebody I could respect.”- J.D. Salinger

  8. “Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason.”

  9. “Liking is probably the best form of ownership, and ownership the worst form of liking.”- Jose Saramago

  10. “Why do they call it a CRUSH? Because that’s how you feel when they don’t feel the same way in return.”
    quotes about liking someone who doesn't like you
    quotes about liking someone who doesn’t like you

  11. “Liking is probably the best form of ownership, and ownership the worst form of liking.” – Jose Saramago

  12. “Liking someone means that the person has admirable traits that you can respect and appreciate.”- Abraham J. Twerski

  13. “I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”- Jackie Robinson

  14. “When you’re the cool guy, you don’t know how to take people not liking you. I’ve already been there, done that.”- Kyle

  15. “Funny how you can go from liking someone to getting irritated by their mere presence over your broadband connection.”

  16. “Liking someone is a positive feeling and positivity is key to feeling good about yourself and the world.”- Sally Anne Hurley

  17. “Liking someone focuses on what they do for you; loving someone is what you must do to honor who they are.”- Frank Sabatte

  18. “Admiration is a very short-lived passion, that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object.”- Joseph Addison

  19. “Do not agree to a disagreeable thing spoken by someone you like or disagree to an agreeable thing spoken by someone you dislike.”- Ram Mohan

  20. “Finding someone likeable is not just liking him but liking him in a manner sensitive to whatever makes liking him appropriate.”- J. David Velleman

  21. “The key is to try to be at peace with everyone and avoid conflicts based on you not liking someone and someone not liking you.”- Jawara D. King D.D.

  22. “Now I worry. If people ended up liking me, did I do the job wrong? So I decided they didn’t end up liking me – they ended up being able to deal with me.”- Daniel Okrent

  23. “Liking someone is not a precondition for a successful working relationship. Remember you don’t have to like someone on a personal basis in order to work effectively with her.”- Michael Henry Cohen

  24. “Just learning that someone likes you can be quite an ego-booster and the next time you interact with that person you’re apt to act a little differently— a little warmer and friendlier perhaps.”- Patricia Wallac

  25. “We’ve all at some point in our life encountered that feeling of secretly liking someone, secretly having your eyes on them, secretly wishing they knew, but deep inside you were afraid of what the outcome would be. So you kept it unnoticed. Kept it hidden, locked inside, just hoping that maybe one day that moment would finally come when they would notice you!”- Telisa McLaughlin

Liking Someone Quotes For Her

  1. “I hate liking someone I don’t have a chance with.”

  2. “I like her because she smiles at me and means it.”- Terri Guillemets

  3. “I can’t ask for a number without being accused of liking someone…”

  4. “Liking someone so much. And knowing they’ll never feel the same way about you…”

  5. “She was just playing with you, stringing you along, taking abuse of the feelings, you had.”

  6. “When you are alone, just you and her, you feel like you can explode, you feel so happy then.”

  7. “Maybe you have wanted to tell her how you feel but you are afraid what her answer would be.”

  8. “In reality, all I wanted was to stay with her no matter what but it is now hurting me too much.”

  9. “You are still hoping that maybe your feelings for her will get answered with the same feelings.”

  10. “You try to lock your feelings and throw away the key but the truth is that it is already with her.”

  11. “If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking roses for a lifetime.”- Swedish Proverb

  12. “You can’t force yourself to stop liking someone, but you can tell yourself that you deserve better & try to move on.”
    quotes about liking someone who doesn't feel the same way
    quotes about liking someone who doesn’t feel the same way

  13. “Your plan should be to forgive and forget… forgive yourself for liking someone and forget that someone exist…”

  14. “It’s frustrating not liking someone who everyone else seems to adore, no matter how hard you try to? Maybe it’s just me.”

  15. “Love is not something that you can put chains on and throw into a lake. That’s called Houdini. Love is liking someone a lot.” – Jack Handey

Liking Someone Quotes For Him

  1. “Liking someone, not for their looks, but for who they really are.”

  2. “Give up and stop liking someone you can’t have. He has a girlfriend.”

  3. “I like the way he danced. And then I like the way we danced together.”- Anita Diamant

  4. “It is hard when he finally noticed you after all this time and you don’t know what to do.”

  5. “It’s crazy how when I stop liking someone everything they do annoys the hell out of me.”

  6. “Deep inside you wish that he would not look at other girls the way he is looking right now.”

  7. “It sucks a lot because I thought that he liked me back but turns out he was just too friendly.”

  8. “The minute I stop liking someone I see them everywhere I go! Like honestly it’s ridiculous!”

  9. “Maybe it is not your fault he does not love you, maybe the problem is him all along, dear girl.”

  10. “And then you discover who he really is and that makes you fall for him even more, that’s hard.”

  11. “After liking someone, no matter how much I’m over them, they still make my heart skip a beat.”

  12. “Stop wasting time liking someone who doesn’t like you back. There’s a girl that truly loves you.”

  13. “The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have.” – Woody Allen

  14. “I hate liking someone that isn’t yours yet. They can give someone else affection and you can’t really get upset at that.”

  15. “There’s a difference between genuinely liking someone, and liking the attention someone gives you. And it may be hard to tell the difference.”


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