175 Best 6 Word Quotes, Phrases, Captions To Inspire You

Looking for six word inspirational quotes? We have rounded up the best collection of short 6 word quotes, sayings, captions, phrases, messages, one-liners, status (with images and pictures) to inspire you bigtime.

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Less is more at times. Sometimes short good quotes are powerful enough to inspire you for the day. These motivational 6 word quotes are a mix of deep, meaningful, positive, happy, funny, inspirational, and sassy ones about love, life, family, friendship, success, work, and more.

See our list of good 6 word quotes for inspiration in every life situation. If you like this list, check our lists of 4 word quotes and 2 word quotes.

These six word quotes are sure to motivate you and uplift your energies. You can also use these short cool quotes for tattoos to remind you everyday to be positive.

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We have categorized the post in the following sections;

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6 Word Quotes And Phrases

  1. “He left and then I flew.”

  2. “Be a voice. Not an echo.”

  3. “I saw and I stayed quiet.”

  4. “Be you. Do you. For you.”

  5. “It’s the will. Not the skill.”                                                                                                           

    Six Word Quotes
    Six Word Quotes

  6. “Learn to rest, not to quit.”

  7. “Be afraid and do it anyway.”

  8. “I miss how you wanted me.”

  9. “Be a warrior. Not a worrier.”                                                                                                       

    6 Word Quotes
    6 Word Quotes

  10. “Being pretty is not your job.”

  11. “Full of tequila and bad ideas.”

  12. “You light up my whole world.”

  13. “Every end is a new beginning.”

  14. “Even in silence there is chaos.”

  15. “Be you. The world will adjust.”

  16. “Become a priority in your life.”

  17. “Kindness is a sign of strength.”                                                                                                   

    Best 6 Word Quotes To Motivate You
    Best 6 Word Quotes To Motivate You

  18. “You got to nourish to flourish.”

  19. “Your opinion is not my reality.”

  20. “We were. And then we weren’t.”

  21. “And suddenly, we were in love.”

  22. “Be bold or italic, never regular.”

  23. “Inner peace is the new success.”

  24. “Painfully, he changed is to was.”

  25. “Found my sunshine in the rain.”

  26. “Why follow when you can lead?”                                                                                                       

    6 Word Inspirational Quotes
    6 Word Inspirational Quotes

  27. “Judge me when you are perfect.”

  28. “You were exactly what I needed.”

  29. “It will all make sense eventually.”

  30. “Fall seven times. Stand up eight.”

  31. “Dark places have room for light.”

  32. “She was oxygen on ocean floors.”

  33. “Be happy. It drives people crazy.”

  34. “You will never regret being kind.”                                                                                               

    aesthetic 6 word quotes
    aesthetic 6 word quotes

  35. “Be patient. Things will work out.”

  36. “The only easy day was yesterday.”

  37. “When nothing goes right, go left.”

  38. “Your mistakes do not define you.”

  39. “How can emptiness be so heavy?”

  40. “Time is precious. Waste it wisely.”

  41. “I always suffered fools fairly well.”

  42. “Self love is the greatest medicine.”

  43. “I didn’t change. My priorities did.”

  44. “Ignore the bad, absorb the good…”

  45. “She’s simply been strong too long.”

  46. “Sounded much better in my head.”

  47. “I’m lost, somewhere in your heart.”

  48. “Some things are better left unsaid.”                                                                                         

    Deep Six Word Quotes
    Deep Six Word Quotes

  49. “No matter what, I’m always yours.”

  50. “Words you never said, destroy me.”

  51. “Be someone who makes you happy.”

  52. “Stay patient and trust your journey.”

  53. “Eyes will adjust to the good.” – Lupe

  54. “Keep calm and always stay positive.”

  55. “Make your own happiness a priority.”

  56. “Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it!”

  57. “You were poetry, hidden with binary.”

  58. “You almost convinced me I mattered.”

  59. “Beginning is easy, continuing is hard.”

  60. “I have time to fix this.” – Taneika Head

  61. “Associate with people who inspire you.”

  62. “Eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve.”                                                                                     

    5 Word Quotes Images
    5 Word Quotes Images

  63. “He heard cries coming from tombstone.”

  64. “Gratitude is the beginning of happiness.”

  65. “Authenticity: the courage to be yourself.”

  66. “Power out. Doesn’t kiss. Chance missed.”

  67. “Torched the haystack. Found the needle.”

  68. “Sometimes pretty birds cannot sing well.”

  69. “”Who hurt you?” “My own expectations.””

  70. “Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.”

  71. “We ignore truths for temporary happiness.”

  72. “Intelligence will never stop being beautiful.”

  73. “Finally proved them all wrong. Graduating.”

  74. “Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.”

  75. “I’m the king of the world.” – Movie: “Titanic”

  76. “Right now is the only guarantee.” – Jay Long

  77. “Sitting on the road less travelled.” – Sarah M.

  78. “Might as well eat that cookie.” – Paula Deen, 65

  79. “Depression is overwhelming sense of numbness.”

  80. “May the force be with you.” – Movie: “Star Wars”

  81. “Tattoos made my skin more ‘me’.” – Larry Smith

  82. “I will not be your “sometimes”.” – ‘6 Word Story’

  83. “Everyone struggles, you know. Remember that.”

  84. “Celebrating one father while mourning another.”

  85. “Sorry soldier, shoes sold in pairs.” – Independent

  86. “Magic happens for those that believe.” – Jay Long

  87. “Honestly, all crows are not ravens.” – Munia Khan

  88. “I asked, you answered in silence.” – ‘6 Word Story’

  89. “Be stronger than what breaks you.” – Saru Singhal

  90. “Change the world by being yourself.” – Amy Poehler

  91. “Recover never really ends, does it?” – ‘6 Word Story’

  92. “Nothing prepared me for your smile.” – David Bowie

  93. “Doubt is the origin of wisdom.” – Augustine of Hippo

  94. “Be the fountain, not the drain.” – Jonathan van Meter

  95. “Would’ve. Should’ve. Could’ve. Didn’t. Didn’t. Didn’t.”

  96. “Secrets of life: Family. Friends. Bacon.” – Katie Couric

  97. “Let’s pursue the visage of imagination.” – Munia Khan

  98. “Every problem has a creative solution.” – Donna Karan

  99. “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” – Ernest Hemingway

  100. “Wanting less feels like getting more.” – Tanya Arterburn

  101. “Change what you are complaining about.” – Doug Beach

  102. “This vampire steals from blood banks.” – Vau Gangapalli

  103. “Talking without action is just complaining.” – Kevin Wold

  104. “Tripped over luck, stumbled upon tragedy.” – Adam Nelly

  105. “Seeking the fullest expression of self.” – Oprah Winfrey, 58

  106. “Voyager still transmitted, but Earth didn’t.” – ErasedCitizen

  107. “Recipe for failure. Changed my ingredients.” – Antonee Boykin

  108. “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.” – Night Of The Living Dead

  109. “Fearlessness is the mother of reinvention.” – Arianna Huffington

  110. “Power does not pardon, power punishes.” – Amit Kalantri, ‘Wealth of words’

6 Word Inspirational Quotes

  1. “Life is short to be sad.”

  2. “To do: live in the moment.”

  3. “There will always be a way.”

  4. “This is your year to sparkle.”

  5. “The world needs you as you.”

  6. “Don’t be afraid to dream big.”

  7. “Your only limit is your mind.”                                                                                                         

    6 Word Mottos
    6 Word Mottos

  8. “Don’t stop until you are proud.”

  9. “One day they’ll shout my name.”

  10. “Ideas are easy, execution is hard.”

  11. “Be you. Others are already taken.”

  12. “The soul cannot live without love.”

  13. “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

  14. “Nobody is you and you’re enough.”

  15. “And things, as things do, changed.”

  16. “Love yourself first. Others can wait.”

  17. “Open your mind before your mouth.”

  18. “Prove yourself to yourself, not others.”

  19. “The real betrayal is forgetting yourself.”

  20. “Be young while you still can.” – Maquan

  21. “I am this now and always.” – Anita Avent

  22. “I live my best life now.” – Jerrie Jen Eyck

  23. “Be your own person, be unique.” – ‘GG421’

  24. “What’s the stop sign mean again?” – Emilio

  25. “I’m figuring it out by myself.” – Lukie Pookie

  26. “Lost in wilderness, he found himself.” – Daniel

  27. “Lightning hides the color of night.” – Munia Khan

  28. “A decision was made, I complied.” – Lucy Dematti

  29. “Still fit into high school earrings.” – Kimberly Kilroy

  30. “I made a choice about business.” – Michelle Taransky

  31. “I stopped getting my piano tuned.” – ‘Six-Word Story’

  32. “Someone has to do the paperwork.” – Margie Gorman

  33. “Every twenty years I reinvent myself.” – Wahana Vellutini

  34. “I learned mechanics in rocket league.” – Bradyn Mehlhorn

  35. “Your fingerprints have not washed off.” – ‘A Six Word Story’

6 Word Quotes About Life

  1. “Live like there is no tomorrow.”

  2. “Old ways don’t open new doors.”

  3. “A mistake is success in progress.”

  4. “He who angers you controls you.”

  5. “Love is natural. Hatred is taught.”

  6. “What you focus on, you manifest.”                                                                                               

    6 Word Phrases
    6 Word Phrases

  7. “Process as if success is inevitable.”

  8. “Keep going, you are getting there.”

  9. “Always say yes to new adventures.”

  10. “Life is better when you’re laughing.”

  11. “Worrying means you will suffer twice.”

  12. “Happiness is enjoying the little things.”

  13. “Love hurts because it holds hearts.” – Munia Khan

  14. “Protect your dreams from your nightmare.” – Munia Khan

  15. “Seed becomes a tree, son becomes stranger.” – Amit Kalantri, ‘Wealth Of words’

Funny Six Word Quotes

  1. “A word of advice, don’t give it.”

  2. “Normal is boring, weird is fun.”

  3. “Spongebob is my one true love.”

  4. “Say something nice or don’t talk.”

  5. “Insomnia gives me time to think.”

  6. “Lovers gonna love, haters gonna hate.”

  7. “Married, till fatness do us part.” – Eindal

  8. “Nothing to declare. Much to remember.” – Vain24

  9. “Coffee before art, goodbye straight lines.” – Vinsula

  10. “Apathetic prophet makes a pathetic profit.” – Kieran

  11. “Lost my wallet, found my desires.” – Davendra Surolia

  12. “I’m beside myself – cloning machine works.” – Jdgrafton

  13. “Boisterous gas freed, relief, remorse, pride!” – Cliff Gray

  14. “I got it from my mama.” – Will.I.Am, I Got It From My Mama

  15. “Sharp new yellow pencil. Limitless potential.” – Melissa Vilson


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