37 Love-Hate, Sad & Happy Relationship Quotes

There is always some madness in love, a feeling which changes you to a better person and makes your life at it’s best. Sometimes there are reasons but mostly I feel true love needs no reason, no logics, and no bars. It’s a phase of life which takes you to cloud 9.

You are happy, cheerful, positive, mad, crazy, kid, and in the best state of mind when in love. However, when this feeling is shaken, you experience the worst. The flip side is as extreme as the happy one! It breaks you, shatters you and your life seems to lose all its color. Below are some 37 love-hate-sad-happy-high-low-complicated relationship-quotes relatable to all in some phase of their life!

Love Relationship Quotes

“I turned out liking you

A lot more that I

originally planned.”


“The best feeling is when someone appreciates

Everything about You

that someone else took for granted.”

Happy Feeling Relationship Quotes IMages
Happy Feeling Relationship Quotes

“And suddenly all the love songs

were about you.”

Deep Love Picture quotes Images
Deep Love Picture quotes

“Some talk to you in their free time,

and some free their time to talk to you!”

True Love Relationship Images

Healthy Relationships..

Let’s remember it’s

 You & Me vs. The Problems… Not You vs. Me.

Healthy Relationship Quotes Images
Healthy Relationship Quotes

You’re one of those people who make  my life better

 just by being in it.

Cute Good Relationship Pictures Quotes
Good Relationship Quotes

Something tells me that

I am going to –Love Him Forever.”

Good In Love Relationship Quotes Images
Good In Love Relationship Quotes

“Thank you for reminding me

what butterflies feel like.”

Sweetest Quotes images on Relatioships
Sweetest Quotes image on Relatioships

They asked him – “How is your life?”

He smiled, and answered,

 “She is fine.”

Cutest Love Quotes by images
Cutest Love Quotes by him

“A relationship where you instantly

miss each other Right after being Together.”

Cutest Love Quotes images

“I fell in love with you Not for how you look,

Just for who you areAlthough you look pretty great too.

Sweet mad in love quotes images

Sad Relationship Quotes

“Have you ever been so sad, that it physically hurts inside.”


“She’s been through

Hell and came out and Angel.

You didn’t break her, darling.

You don’t own that kind of power.”


“If someone can fall asleep knowing

You’re crying,knowing you’re hurt,

Or didn’t get home safe -They don’t care for you.”

love-hate-sad-happy-relationship-quotes images

“One of the hardest parts

of life is deciding whether to walk away

Or try harder.”

Long distance replationship quotes images

“Be all in or get all out.

There is no halfway.”


The Best Apology

Is a Changed Behaviour.

Apology Relationship Quotes Images
Apology Relationship Quotes Image

“Relationships are worth fighting for,

but you can’t be the – Only one fighting.” – Yes I Agree!

End of Relationship quotes images
End of Relationship quotes

Pain changes people. It makes them trust less,

Overthink more, and shut people out.


“I stood by your side

I didn’t walk away You pushed me away.”


“Not one drop of my self-worth depends on your acceptance of me.


“Saw your worst and I stayed.”

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For an understanding and having a stable relationship, Expect and Respect each other. For a healthy relation resolve your conflicts with understanding, cooperation and support. 

Love All 



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