Top 10 Frank Kameny Quotes From The American Activist

Looking for popular quotes by the famous activist Frank Kameny? We have rounded up the best collection of Frank Kameny quotes, and sayings, slogans (pictures and images) to inspire you stand up for your rights.

Who is Frank Kameny?

Franklin Edward Kameny (May 21, 1925 – October 11, 2011) was an American gay rights activist. He has been referred to as “one of the most significant figures” in the American gay rights movement.

Kameny was an American LGBT rights activist and leader who helped pave gay rights in the U.S. Frank Kameny’s dedication to the cause of gender equality is admirable.

Born in New York City, Kameny enlisted in the U.S. military during World War II and later returned to the service after earning degrees in physics and astronomy to work for the U.S. Army Map Service.

Kamey was the first openly gay candidate to run for Congress in the United States, he came close to winning the seat in 1971.

His relentless work for the LGBTQ community continues to inspire people worldwide about equality, freedom, and love for other human beings regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

These inspirational Frank Kameny will encourage you to never give up on your goals by reminding you to stand up for what you believe in.

Famous Frank Kameny Quotes

  1. “We are interested in obtaining rights for our respective minorities.” ― Frank Kameny

  2. “The person who really needs the psychotherapy (…) is not the homosexual youngster who gets dragged to the psychiatrist’s office by his mother, but the mother, to relieve her anxieties about his homosexuality.” ― Frank Kameny

  3. “Bestiality is not my thing But it seems to be a harmless foible or idiosyncrasy of some people. So, as long as the animal doesn’t mind (and the animal rarely does), I don’t mind, and I don’t see why anyone else should.” ― Frank Kameny

  4. “He was the up and equal homosexual who would not sit at the back of the bus.” ― Frank Kameny

  5. “As I have been saying for nearly a year, the law needs to be changed to allow the gay businesses to move to another part of the city.” ― Frank Kameny

  6. “When it was even seriously entertained that this would be a zoning issue, I blew up. Absolutely not.” ― Frank Kameny

  7. “If I disagree with someone, I give them a chance to convince me they are right. And if they fail, then I am right and they are wrong and I will just have to fight them until they change.” ― Frank Kameny

  8. “Not only is homosexuality, whether by inclination or overt act, not immoral, but homosexual acts engaged in by consenting adults are moral, in a positive and real sense.” ― Frank Kameny

  9. “On a one-time basis for these O Street establishments, they should be exempted from all of these restrictions so they can move as a group if they want to some practical place.” ― Frank Kameny


  10. “There’s an ethical and moral obligation by the city for this group of establishments. The city created [the O Street cluster]. If these establishments had decided quite on their own when all this happened that would be a different matter, but they were very specifically directed to go down there.” ―Frank Kameny

On June 2, 2021, Google Doodle celebrated Pride Month by honoring American astronomer, veteran, and gay rights activist Dr. Frank Kameny who is hailed as one of the most prominent figures of the US LGBTQ rights movement.

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