40 Sit Back And Watch Quotes That You Will Relate To

Looking for quotes about sitting back and watching? We have rounded up the best collection of sit back and watch quotes, sayings, phrases, captions, status (with images and pictures) to inspire you to be patient and see how things unfold.

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Sit Back And Watch Meaning: The expression means to relax and wait for something to happen on its own without being involved.

In life a lot of times you feel cheated, betrayed by the love of your life, friends, or family. You want to give it back to them but its better to sometimes wait and watch and let Karma do its job.

These sit back quotes will inspire you to wait and watch how life treats people who do wrong to others. Acting in haste is not the best solution always!

Sit Back And Watch Quotes

  1. “I’d like to sit back and watch.” ― Grey Ball

  2. “Sometimes it’s better to just sit back and watch.”                                                               

    Sit Back And Watch Quotes
    Sit Back And Watch Quotes

  3. “I just sit back and observe. You learn more that way.”

  4. “Sometimes you have to walk away and let karma take over.”                                               

    Sit Back And Watch Karma Quotes
    Sit Back And Watch Karma Quotes

  5. “People show their true colors, unintentionally. Pay attention.”

  6. “Learn to sit back and observe, not everything needs a reaction.”                                     

    Sit Back And Watch Quotes Images
    Sit Back And Watch Quotes Images

  7. “Sometimes you just gotta sit back and watch life tell its stories.”

  8. “Sit back, relax and watch your smile winning the whole universe.”

  9. “Either treat your girl right or sit back and watch someone else do it.”

  10. “I just sit back and watch them getting their karma.” ― Piyali Chatterjee

  11. “When things are not moving, sit back! Watch the drama of fate.” ― Shizu

  12. “There is nothing you can do about it but sit back and watch.” ― Jimmy Haynes

  13. “If you ever want to be entertained just sit back and watch the audacity of others.”

  14. “Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch, the truth will finally reveal itself!!”

  15. “Revenge? Nah I’m too lazy. I’m just gonna sit back and watch karma mess you up.”                                                                                                                                                   

    Funny Sit Back And Watch Quotes
    Funny Sit Back And Watch Quotes

  16. “Some people want just, to sit back and watch the world burn.” ― R. Douglas Weber

  17. “You are the fans, sit back and watch. That’s all you’re doing anyway.” ― Chris Brown

  18. “Cutting people out of my life, does not mean I hate them, it simply means I respect me.”

  19. “Revenge can be bitter sweet, but if you sit back and watch, karma can be pure entertainment.”

  20. “Karma has a surprising way of taking care of situations. All you have to do is sit back and watch.”                                                                                                                     

    I Will Sit Back And Watch
    I Will Sit Back And Watch

  21. “I love karma, it’s the revenge you don’t have to plot! You just sit back and watch them fall on their own.”

  22. “If you listen carefully enough, someone will tell you exactly the kind of person they are. Sit back, and listen.”

  23. “Don’t underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you realize.”

  24. “Sometimes you have to sit back watch and observe; people will show you who they are without you saying a word.”

  25. “I’ll just sit back and watch you fall for the wrong people until you realize the right one for you was me all along.”

  26. “I think in a play it’s wise to just sit back and watch other actors and be able to shape it from the audience.” ― Zach Braff

  27. “Sometimes the best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. The truth always comes out in the end.”

  28. “When life hands you lemons, make orange juice. Then sit back and watch them wonder how you did it.” ― Nicole Banks

  29. “Destructive people will destroy themselves, it’s only a matter of time. Just sit back and watch the show…” ― King Langston

  30. “There’s something about a woman with a loud mind that sits in silence, smiling knowing she can crush you with the truth.”

  31. “Sometimes you just have to sit back, relax, and let people take care of the mess they have made so they can grow and evolve.”

  32. “That moment when you give someone advice, they don’t listen to you, then you sit back and watch everything you predicted happen.”

  33. “Happiness is watching karma doing her job. All we really need to do is sit back, relax and watch the show unfold.” ― Aabha Sinha

  34. “I yearn for that livin’ large, but mama I ain’t done yet/ Sit back and watch your son rise, kick back and know your son set.” ― J. Cole

  35. “Follow your dreams and believe in your heart day after day. Then sit back and just watch great things happen in your life!” ― Taliah Pina

  36. “No need for revenge. Sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves, and if you’re lucky, God will let you watch.”

  37. “Sometimes you just have to sit back and relax, just watch rather observe, than running blindly, plan up a new strategy, before you start the race again.”

  38. “Worry and reasoning are two of Satan’s most successful tools. He’ll get us started with one negative thought and then sit back and watch us finish ourselves off.” ― Joyce Meyer

  39. “Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch the drama and show your cards and make the move. And then shout your lungs out bring silence and peace to the aftermath of the drama.” ― Rajat Rashmi

  40. “Taking time to sit back and watch and think about what you’ve seen is important. Travelling did a great deal to me. I found that when I travel and just sit in the corner and watch, a million ideas come to me.” ― Lionel Richie

  41. “To sit back and watch karma do its job is indeed satisfying… But to plan out your revenge and then sit back and watch the cold blooded designs unfurl as expected must definitely be satiating for the soul !!” ― Jayant Sharma


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