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Harley-Davidson, Inc., H-D, or Harley, is an American motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The classic bike is revered by biking enthusiasts all over the world for its class apart model and features.

Bike lovers can’t ignore this heavy-duty engine bike, sport bikes with speed, and attractive looks.  Harley Davidson slogan – “Screw it, let’s ride.”

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Best Harley Davidson Quotes

  1. “Harley Davidson is simply the best.”

  2. “To bike lovers, a car feels like a cage.”

  3. “Lose the fear and ride the bike with love.”

  4. “Life is short; start working for your dream bike.”

  5. “Be a proud and happy owner of Harley Davidson.”                                                               

    Harley quotes
    Harley quotes

  6. “Just go for it. Not everything needs to be planned.”

  7. “The thought of my Harley Davidson makes me smile.”

  8. “Harley Davidson marks its territory wherever it goes.”

  9. “The only thing better than one Harley, is two Harleys.”                                                       

    Harley Davidson Sayings
    Harley Davidson Sayings

  10. “My wild love for Harley Davidson can never be tamed.”

  11. “I gotta love my Harley Davidson because it deserves it.”

  12. “Don’t let them tame your wild love for Harley Davidson.”                                                     

    Harley Motorcycle Quotes
    Harley Motorcycle Quotes

  13. “There’s no cure for my intense love for Harley Davidson.”

  14. “Life is a journey, so ride this journey on a Harley Davidson.”                                   

    Harley Davidson Quotes
    Harley Davidson Quotes

  15. “Harley Davidson is truly one of the finest choices of my life.”

  16. “Sometimes, you just need a full gas tank, not a full stomach.”

  17. “Never underestimate a woman who rides a Harley Davidson.”                                                       

    Woman Riding Harley Davidson Quote
    Woman Riding Harley Davidson Quote

  18. “Shut your haters up with the rumble of your Harley Davidson.”

  19. “If you own a Harley Davidson, you are already the best person.”

  20. “You don’t need reasons to classify Harley Davidson as the best.”

  21. “Love is having your Harley Davidson by your side on a road trip.”                                 

    Harley Davidson Biker Quotes
    Harley Davidson Biker Quotes

  22. “Love Your Bike More Than People; It Will Never Disappoint You.”

  23. “Harley Davidson is the best thing that you’ll ever ride in your life.”

  24. “Buy a Harley Davidson bike because it will never break your heart.”                               

    Harley Davidson Quotes Images
    Harley Davidson Quotes Images

  25. “There’s a classy touch to Harley Davidson, which makes it the best.”

  26. “Whenever I think about my Harley Davidson, my heart fills with joy.”

  27. “Women who have a fine choice among men like Harley Davidson too.”

  28. “My love for classy bikes came from Harley Davidson. Happy birthday!”

  29. “I’d rather die on a motorcycle than suffocating in a four-wheel vehicle.”

  30. “A Harley Davidson looks even better when it gets old. Happy birthday!”                         

    Harley Davidson Birthday Quotes
    Harley Davidson Birthday Quotes

  31. “Sometimes, you need to go for a ride on your bike to relieve your stress.”

  32. “No bike can compete with Harley Davidson in terms of class and quality.”

  33. “You don’t need an antidepressant; you just need a Harley Davidson bike.”

  34. “They say achieve great things in your life, so I bought a Harley Davidson.”

  35. “My Harley Davidson doesn’t leak oil, it is its way of marking its territory.”

  36. “They say treat yourself right, so I bought a Harley Davidson bike for myself.”

  37. “Make noise with your Harley Davidson bike and work in silence to achieve it.”                                                                                                                                                           

    Love Harley Davidson Quotes
    Love Harley Davidson Quotes

  38. “Work so hard that you can own every Harley Davidson motorcycle that you like.”

  39. “Having a Harley Davidson by your side on bad days is better than having therapy.”

  40. “Harley Davidson’s first motorcycle proves that indeed after failure comes success.”

  41. Don’t fear dying, fear not living. Let’s ride. Don’t wait for life, ride to meet it. Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.

  42. “A four-wheel might move your body, but a Harley Davidson bike moves your soul.”

  43. “The sound that a motorcycle makes is deafening yet the most soothing sound ever.”

  44. “I’ve had Harleys on both sides of the Atlantic. So I’m a lover of a Harley Motorcycle.”

  45. “Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy me a Harley and that’s the same thing.”

  46. “My heart dances with joy and happiness when I look at my beautiful Harley Davidson”

  47. “A Harley Davidson fanatic, he owned two of them he told me proudly.” ― Chris Thrall

  48. “If you haven’t gone on a trip with your buddies on a motorcycle, you definitely should.”

  49. “You don’t stop riding because you’re getting old, but you get old when you stop riding..”

  50. “Riding a bike feels like going through a roller coaster of love; it is filled with happiness.”

  51. “You know you love your Harley Davidson when just the thought of it makes you happy.”                                                                                                                             

    Harley Davidson Quotes Pictures
    Harley Davidson Quotes Pictures

  52. “Happy birthday to the best bike manufacturers to ever exist. Always stay this awesome!”

  53. “All your worries fade away when you look at your beautiful Harley Davidson motorcycle.”

  54. “If you want to know if the man has a caring nature, observe how he takes care of his bike.”

  55. “You will never suffer a punctured tire on the road unless you leave the repair kit at home.”

  56. “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass: it’s about learning how to ride in the rain!”

  57. “There’s always some goodness even on a bad day. This goodness is your Harley Davidson.”

  58. “You realize why a dog sticks his head out of the car when you ride a Harley Davidson bike.”

  59. “When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” ― Harley Davidson

  60. “If loving your Harley Davidson at the cost of your career is insane, then I love being insane.”

  61. “For a normal man, a bike is just a mode of transport, and or a bike lover, it is a mode of life.”

  62. “You must be a good decision-maker if you made the decision to buy a Harley Davidson bike.”

  63. “Whenever I look at my Harley Davidson, I have tears in my eyes because it’s just so beautiful.”

  64. “If you haven’t gone on a road trip with your buddies on a motorcycle, you’re missing out on life.”

  65. “Forget about your worries for a second and ride your Harley Davidson like there’s no tomorrow.”

  66. “People call me crazy for being a woman who loves Harley Davidson. I call myself a happy woman.”

  67. “If someone truly knows about Harley Davidson, you don’t need to explain to him why it is the best.”

  68. “Happy birthday to Harley Davidson, who made me fall in love with motorcycles and chopper bikes.”

  69. “It is the biker’s code not to care about what others think. Only fake bikers have an image to maintain.”

  70. “I love my Harley Davidson motorcycle at the cost of my life, and there’s nothing that I can do about it.”

  71. “Harley Davidson owners don’t need therapy. Have you ever seen a bike outside the psychiatrist’s office?”

  72. “It is a lovely feeling to have the cold wind strike your face in the cold-weather while you are riding your bike.”

  73. “People’s happiness comes from love, mine comes from love too but a different type of love; Harley Davidson.”

  74. “There are two types of people in this world. The first type owns a Harley Davidson and the second type is sad.”                                                                                       

    Harley Davidson Funny Quotes
    Harley Davidson Funny Quotes

  75. “The reasons why Harley Davidson is better than your ex is that it won’t cheat on you, and it won’t make you sad.”

  76. “I have made many decisions in my life, which have made me cry, but buying a Harley Davidson is not one of them.”

  77. “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

  78. “You’ll never see a sad person on a Harley Davidson. That’s how you know that Harley Davidson makes you happy.”

  79. “Once you’ve made a decision to move on, don’t look back. You will never find your future in the rear view mirror!”

  80. “The road to your destination might be bumpy, but you don’t have to worry about it if you own a Harley Davidson.”

  81. “You know your love for Harley Davidson is real when you start treating your bike as an actual friend or companion.”

  82. “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Ride and live today because we don’t know when we can match our chemistry!”

  83. “Taking your girl on a long drive in your car might be romantic, but taking her out on your bike while thrilling with speed is even better.”

  84. “If you want to be happy for a day, drink. if you want to be happy for a year, marry. If you want to be happy for a lifetime, ride a motorcycle.”

  85. “Harley Davidson motorcycle manufacturer proves that you have to fight through difficult times of life if you wish to enjoy the good times.”

  86. “Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, love honestly, laugh easy, keep it simple, ride often, ride free and never regret anything that makes you smile.”

  87. “When it came to the discussion about would Harley do an electric bike, I said, ‘Absolutely – this is a no-brainer.’ Let’s define the sound of the future.”

  88. “There’s nothing like a Harley-Davidson for getting around mud holes, rocks, and wagon ruts on dirt roads – or for making an impression on girls.” ― Olive Ann Burns

  89. “Give a man a motorcycle and he’ll be happy for a day. Give a man a woman and he’ll be happy for a night. Give a man a woman who likes motorcycles and he’ll be happy for the rest of the life.”

  90. “Bikers and veterans go hand in hand and I can assure you that we never forget. That rumbling sound you hear when a group of bikes comes together is not noise sir, it is the harmony of brotherhood coming together for a purpose and cause.”

  91. “Harley-Davidson used to mean something. It stood for biker attitude: grimy outlaws and their sweaty mamas, full of bee and crank, rolling around on Harleys, looking for a good time, destroying property, raping teenagers, and killing policemen. All very necessary activities, by the way.” ― George Carlin

  92. “A Harley-Davidson should never be built in another country-never! Their employees and customers are already very angry at them. If they move, watch, it will be the beginning of the end – they surrendered, they quit! The Aura will be gone and they will be taxed like never before!” ― Donald J. Trump

  93. “A Bikers Prayer: Live by it: This prayer is for all the brothers and sisters… May the great spirit in Harley Heaven keep you safe on your ride today. May you and yours always have the wind in your face and the sun at your back. May you always keep the rubber on the ground. May The Great Harley Spirit keep His hand on all of us and the one’s that we love keep us safe on their long journey to join the one’s we have lost. Ride Hard Live Free.”

Funny Harley Davidson Sayings

  1. “What’s better than a full gas tank? Nothing.”

  2. “If a man loves his bike, he’ll love his woman too.”

  3. “Hug your Harley Davidson; it needs some love too.”                                                                     

    Harley Davidson Motorcycle Quotes
    Harley Davidson Motorcycle Quotes

  4. “People have life goals, and I just want to ride faster.”

  5. “Girls who ride motorcycles are the best type of girls.”

  6. “What’s better than a Harley Davidson bike? Nothing.”                                                   

    Harley Davidson Captions Instagram
    Harley Davidson Captions Instagram

  7. “No bike rider ever goes a day without riding his bike.”

  8. ”I’d never let my wife ride it. At least not until she’s 18.”

  9. “I take care of my bike more than I take care of myself.”

  10. “Your sad moments will fade away when you’ll ride your bike.”

  11. “I love you more than riding but please don’t make me prove it.”

  12. “A Harley Davidson lover’s day is incomplete without his motorbike.”

  13. “You don’t need a fine lady if you already own a fine Harley Davidson.”

  14. “As a biker, don’t be afraid of the little power that you have between your legs!”

  15. “Don’t ride your bike to add days to your life; ride your bike to add life to your days.”

  16. “Bikers live a happy life. It is evident because you never see a bike outside a psychiatrist’s office.”

  17. “Don’t be sad if you don’t have a girlfriend to hug you, you can always hug your Harley Davidson.”

  18. “The most exciting thing that you’ll ever put between your legs is a Harley Davidson’s motorcycle.”

  19. “Ignore people’s crap as if the pipes of your bike are too loud, and you can’t hear people talking crap.”

  20. “The next time someone tells you that your bike is too loud, ask him to buy himself a pair of earplugs.”

  21. “Forget about having something between your legs in bed, have a bike between your legs on the road instead.”

  22. “Bikers don’t look back at the things they have already crossed or left behind, be it relationships or road stops.”

  23. “The next time your neighbors tell you that your bike is too loud, organize a bike rally at your house and invite him.”

  24. “I don’t know what’s crazier, my wife asking me to choose between my bike and her or me choosing my bike over her.”

  25. “If someone refuses to ride your bike because they don’t like it, unfriend them because you don’t need that negativity in your life.”

Harley Davidson Anniversary Quotes

  1. “Happy anniversary to my bike, my best investment ever.”

  2. “Wishing a very happy anniversary. I hope you live to see many more.”

  3. “Happy anniversary to a part of my life and personality; my motorcycle.”

  4. “Happy anniversary to my bike, who added spark and joy to my boring life.”

  5. “Happy anniversary to Harley Davidson, who made me happy for a lifetime.”

  6. “Happy anniversary to my bike who made simple moments of my life special.”

  7. “A year has passed with you. It was full of joyful moments. Happy anniversary.”

  8. “I wish to travel many more roads with you. Happy anniversary to my motorbike.”

  9. “I have found the best motorcycle because of Harley Davidson. Happy Anniversary!”

  10. “I hope this anniversary brings more goodness to Harley Davidson. Happy anniversary.”

  11. “Happy 115th anniversary to Harley Davidson. The best bike manufacturers to ever exist.”

  12. “Happy anniversary to my bike, which make dirt my face makeup and race fuel my perfume.”

  13. “Every inch and mile brings new possibilities. Happy anniversary and cheers to new beginnings.”

  14. “I hope to see and feel many new roads and places with you, my dear motorcycle. Happy anniversary.”

Cool Harley Davidson Captions For Instagram

  1. Well, I’m a Harley Babe.

  2. No ordinary insurance will do!

  3. Getting to heaven on a Harley.                                                                                                       

    Best Harley Davidson Captions
    Best Harley Davidson Captions

  4. Christmas is our… Time to ride!

  5. Freedom is not given. It is taken.

  6. Don’t wait for life, ride to meet it!

  7. Born to ride! Have a great Friday!

  8. Don’t be a moron, wear protection.

  9. I Promise Honey this is my last Bike.

  10. If your gonna do it… do it on a Harley!                                                                                             

    Harley Davidson Wallpapers
    Harley Davidson Wallpapers

  11. And the years fall away with every mile.

  12. Couple that ride together stay together!

  13. And I seek refuge in aluminum and steel.

  14. I’m a pretty informal guy. I ride a Harley.

  15. It takes me out there for just a little while.

  16. Put something exciting between your legs.

  17. When life throws you a curve. Lean into it.

  18. Husband And Wife: Riding partners for life.

  19. He who would travel happily must travel light.

  20. The lure of the open road never goes out of style.

  21. In loving memory of my brother Ricky Dean Scott.

  22. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

  23. Coffee and motorcycles and coffee and motorcycles.

  24. Find a man who will love you the way he loves his bike.

  25. Stressed out? Maybe you just need an iron supplement.

  26. Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.

  27. Nothing says father’s day like burnt rubber and leather.

  28. Work in silence. Let your Harley Davidson make the noise.

  29. In the memory of all fallen bikers. May they all rest in peace.

  30. Love your bike more than people; It will never disappoint you.

  31. It takes 37 muscles to frown. 17 to smile. 7 to twist the throttle.

  32. For some there’s therapy, for the rest of us there’s motorcycles.

  33. When Terry Funk, Harley Race had world titles, it meant more.

  34. The best things in life are dangerous: Motorcycles and Women.

  35. The only thing better than a street bike… Is a female riding one.

  36. It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to ride alone…

  37. Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window.

  38. Never trade the thrills of freedom for the fears of life’s sharp turns.

  39. The Harley’s got a little too much torque when it comes to jumping.

  40. If I can’t be a good example then I guess I’ll just be a horrible warning.

  41. Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight.

  42. No matter how bad your day is, your bike will always make you feel better.

  43. I play golf and ride my motorcycle – my Harley – around the hills of California.

  44. For hearts that pump oil and pound miles of pavement. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  45. Some people are riding Royal Enfield because they can’t afford Harley Davidson.

  46. You don’t buy a Harley with your mind, you buy it with your heart and your balls.

  47. You know you’re a biker when you recognize your friends by the sound of their exhaust.

  48. I told him it was me or the bike. That was the longest wheelie up the street I’ve ever seen.

  49. On Monday morning, God created lightning… On Monday nights, bikers created thunder.

  50. I don’t always sit and listen to my Harley, but when I do, so does my whole neighborhood.

  51. It’s better to be dead and cool than alive and uncool. ― Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man

  52. I just wanted to stay Harley Race in the wrestling world, worldwide, and that is what I did for a long time.


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