60 Goddaughter Quotes And Sayings (Including Birthday Quotes)

Looking for lovely quotes for your Goddaughter? We have the best collection of beautiful Goddaughter quotes, sayings, captions, birthday wishes (with images and pictures) to express your love to your daughter.

Goddaughter is a female child like ones own daughter, whose baptism is sponsored by a godparent. A godchild fills your heart with love and joy as if they were your very own. A Goddaughter is a treasure whose worth you cannot measure except by the love in your heart. Goddaughters make life more special.

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Being asked to be a child’s godparent is such an honor for any human being. Her godparents want nothing but the best for her.

Goddaughter Quotes And Sayings

  1. “Goddaughters make life more special.”                                                                                                                         
    Goddaughter Quotes Images
    Goddaughter Quotes Images

  2. “Godmothers can transform their goddaughters.”                                                                                               
    Godmother Quotes To Goddaughter
    Godmother Quotes To Goddaughter

  3. “I’m blessed to have the best goddaughter in the world!”                                                                                 
    GodDaughter Quotes
    GodDaughter Quotes

  4. “A goddaughter evokes great love in her godparents’ hearts.”                                                                                       
    Inspirational Goddaughter Quotes
    Inspirational Goddaughter Quotes

  5. “Dear, you are the epitome of the perfect goddaughter and I love you.”                                                               
    GodDaughter Blessings Quotes
    GodDaughter Blessings Quotes

  6. “You are my favorite goddaughter and you are surely pretty just like me.”                             
    Quotes For My Goddaughter
    Quotes For My Goddaughter

  7. “A godchild fills your heart with love and joy as if they were your very own.”                                                                                                                                                                     
    GodDaughter Love Quotes
    GodDaughter Love Quotes

  8. “You are more than a goddaughter to me, you are a daughter to me as well.”                                                                                                                                                               
    Goddaughter Quotes for Baptism
    Goddaughter Quotes for Baptism

  9. “Dear goddaughter, you have grown up so much and so fast, I can’t keep up.”                                                                                                 
    Goddaughter Sayings
    Goddaughter Sayings

  10. “A goddaughter brings as much love and joy into one’s life as an actual daughter.”

  11. “Kid, you are my goddaughter, so I hope that you keep being happy just like I am, today.”

  12. “You are the best thing that ever came to me and your mother, I love you, my goddaughter.”                                                                                                                                                         
    God Child Quotes
    God Child Quotes

  13. “A Goddaughter is a treasure whose worth you cannot measure except by the love in your heart.”

  14. “The love between godmother and goddaughter knows no distance. Love you to the moon and back!”

  15. “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” ― Mother Teresa

  16. “Goddaughter, may the warmth of God’s love and the light of his grace make your world a joyous place.”

  17. “My sweet little goddaughter, you’re the person who can make me smile and laugh like no one else can!”

  18. “Only a godmother can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend.”

  19. “Best wishes to my special little Goddaughter. Please never forget that you can count on me for whatever.”

  20. “Goddaughter, I promise to love, support, cheer, encourage, guide, protect, and keep you in my heart always and forever.”

  21. “Because you are the best goddaughter in the world today, I want to ask that all your dreams come true and that each of your day’s joy overflows.”

  22. “I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

  23. “A little wish for my goddaughter. Tie this bracelet around your wrist, close your eyes and make a wish. When the strings starts to fray, you know your wish is on its way.”

  24. “When we accepted the invitation to be your godparents, we never could have imaged what a wonderful and rewarding job it would turn out to be. We love you so much!”

  25. “For a precious goddaughter. May a heavenly ripple of faith, hope and love begin today, surrounding this little one with a lifetime of caring, prayers and God’s sweet blessing.”

  26. “I thank your parents for trusting me to watch over you and give you all my love, because every time you call me “godmother,” my heart jumps with joy and fills me with emotion.”

  27. “Her godmother simply touched her with her wand, and, at the same moment, her clothes were turned into cloth of gold and silver, all decked with jewels.” ― Charles Perrault

  28. “I am the luckiest godfather, because it was my turn to have you as a goddaughter and, better yet, I was lucky enough to be by your side in the most important moments of your life.”

  29. “You are not only my Goddaughter, but also my best friend. I care so much about you, and that is why I shall forever strive for nothing but your happiness in life. God bless you, my dear.”

Goddaughter Birthday Quotes

  1. “In my eyes, you’ll always shine like the sun. Happy birthday, my dear Goddaughter.”

  2. “Best wishes to an absolutely wonderful goddaughter. Watching you grow up has been our great pleasure.”

  3. “Behind every phenomenal Goddaughter, there is one heck of a super awesome Godfather/Godmother. Happy birthday.”

  4. “Dear Goddaughter, wherever you go, remember that your Godfather/Godmother has got your back. I love you. Happy birthday.”

  5. “Congratulations on your 18th birthday! It’s my prayer that your heart be filled with the joy of the Lord. I wish you a lovely birthday.”

  6. “Goddaughter! I hope all your wishes and dreams are fulfilled. Receive from your sponsors a thousand blessings and great hugs.”

  7. “I send a kiss and a thousand hugs to my dear goddaughter. May this birthday be a memorable one and your best gift is the love of those around you.”

  8. “Happy B-day! May you grow to be a charming and cute lady. Just feel awesome and enjoy this wonderful age as it comes once in a lifetime. Happy sweet sixteen!”

  9. “May God shower His wondrous blessings on you and keep you safe, happy and prosperous all the days of your life. Happy 21st birthday, my darling Goddaughter.”

  10. “Have a fabulous 18th birthday, dear Goddaughter. I pray you continue to ride on the path of favor, happiness, success, uniqueness and greatness. Enjoy your day!”

  11. “Happy birthday goddaughter. Because more than a goddaughter you have been a daughter to me, I pray God to bless you and allow you to spend a happy birthday.”

  12. “Dear Goddaughter, if asthma weren’t such a bad sickness, I’d call you my “Asthma” because you have the power to take my breath away like nobody’s business.”

  13. “On your birthday, my darling, do know that I will always be there to guide you and put a smile on your face. Congratulations on your birthday, my adorable Goddaughter.”

  14. “It’s an extraordinary feeling to celebrate a special day of a special Goddaughter like you. On this day, I’m sending you all the love this world possesses. Happy birthday.”

  15. “Dear Goddaughter, on your 21st birthday, please don’t ever change! Stay as bright and loving as you are. I hope this new age brings you utter happiness and love. Happy birthday.”

  16. “When you were a kid, you couldn’t wait to grow up. Now as an adult, I hope you can’t wait to make your dreams come to pass. Have a wonderful birthday packed with enjoyment.”

  17. “I hope you have a sweet birthday celebration as you turn sweet sixteen, my dear. May you keep shinning bright like the diamond that you are. Have the most fantastic birthday ever.”

  18. “Wishing a blissful birthday to my 16-year-old Goddaughter! Today I want you to know that you are beautiful, strong and wise. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself. Happy 16th birthday.”

  19. “Happy 16th birthday, Goddaughter! I deem it a great pleasure to celebrate the birthday of a beautiful and wise lady like you. Have an awesome day filled with the things you love the most.”

  20. “It’s your big day! I’m proud you have grown to become a wonderful and sweet teenager. I hope you continue to impress me as you take flight to success. All the best, fabulous goddaughter.”

  21. “Happy birthday to my goddaughter whose heart is the most beautiful thing in the world. May you follow your heart but always remember to take your brain along. Have a glorious birthday.”

  22. “It’s your 18th birthday and an indication that you are a grown-up. I hope you feel the fresh and gentle touch of this amazing new chapter of your life. Have a great one, my cherished Goddaughter.”

  23. “Have a special and wonderful birthday. As a young adult now, you can do whatever you want. I hope you do things that bring you great satisfaction in life. Have a memorable day, my dearest Goddaughter.”

  24. “I’m very grateful to have a beautiful goddaughter who lightens up my world with her exceptional qualities. On this special day, you deserve all the love and happiness in the world. Have a wonderful birthday.”

  25. “I can’t ask for more in a daughter who is courageous, caring, compassionate and adorable. I thank God for giving me a complete goddaughter. May He shower you with blesses all the days of your life. Cheers!”

  26. “Happy 18th birthday, my dear. At this age, you are now free to make so many decisions. I hope you make good ones because the decisions you make today will determine the destination you find yourself in tomorrow.”

  27. “I’m glad you have finally reached one of the most exciting phases of your life. May all the days of your adult years see you wake up with a smile and go to bed with a smile. Happy 18th birthday, my sweet Goddaughter.”

  28. “As your Godfather/Godmother, I deem it my duty to constantly put a smile on your face. I want more than anything in this world to see you smiling, laughing and being happy all the days of your life. Happy birthday.”

  29. “Best wishes on this momentous day to my adorable goddaughter. Sweet 16 is a special event, and I hope you have fun and enjoy all the goodies this age comes with. May your dreams, desires and wishes become a reality.”

  30. “I thank my lucky stars every blessed day for giving me an adorable Goddaughter like you. May your birthday be as delightful as the delight you bring into my world. Enjoy every moment of this awesome day, my sweet princess.”

  31. “Today is a great day because it is the day my precious baby girl finally becomes a woman. On this wonderful day, I pray that God will protect and guide you throughout the ups and downs of life. Happy 18th birthday, Goddaughter.”








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