80 Cute Relationship Quotes For Sweet Couples In Love

Looking for some heartfelt sweet quotes for your love? We have rounded up the best collection of cute relationship quotes quotes, sayings, texts, captions, status messages, (with images and pictures) to express your love beautifully to your partner.

Sometimes you come across someone who can add meaning and color to your dull life. This person makes you feel happy, loved, and makes you feel more alive than ever before.

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We have got you covered here. Here are some romantic and heart touching meaningful love quotes which you can text to the love of your life and let him/her know how special they are to you and show the great bond you share with your partner.

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Cute Relationship Quotes

  1. “I like it when you smile but I love it when I’m the reason.” – Unknown

  2. “My favorite place in all the world is next to you.” – Charlotte Eriksson                                               

    cute relationship quotes
    cute relationship quotes

  3. “I was asked to spell “love”, so I spelled your name.” – Marie Jo Schwarz

  4. “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” – Loretta Young                               

    sweet relationship quotes
    sweet relationship quotes

  5. “I could never fully express to you how grateful I am to have you in my life.” – Unknown

  6. “When I want to smile, I know exactly what to do, I just close my eyes and I think of you.” – Unknown

  7. “You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought.” – Arthur Conan Doyle, The White Company

  8. “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” – John Green, The Fault In Our Stars

  9. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

  10. “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because the reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

  11. “No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.” – Unknown

  12. “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.” – Winnie the Pooh

  13. “You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.” – Unknown

  14. “Since the invention of the kiss, there have been only five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.” – The Princess Bride

  15. “You and I, it’s as though we have been taught to kiss in heaven and sent down to earth together, to see if we know what we were taught.” – Boris Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago

Cute Relationship Quotes For Him

  1. “Your love is better than ice cream.” – Sarah McLachlan

  2. “I fell in love with you without using your hands.” – Unknown

  3. “I love you right up to the moon—and back.” – Sam McBratney

  4. “I like you very much. Just as you are.” – ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’

  5. “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.” – Nicholas Sparks

  6. “You are all the thoughts in my head and all the love in my heart.” – Unknown

  7. “Before I met you, I never knew that it was possible to miss someone this badly.” – Unknown

  8. “It takes millions of people to complete the world, but it only takes you to complete mine.” – Unknown

  9. “I want you. All of you. Your flaws. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want you and only you.” – Unknown

  10. “I have a crush on your mind, I fell for your personality, and your looks are just a big bonus.” – The Notebook

  11. “I am in love with your smile, your voice, your body, your laugh, your eyes, but most of all, I am in love with you.” – Unknown

  12. “He’s annoying, he’s hilarious, he makes me yell, he drives me crazy, he’s out of his mind but he’s everything I want.” – Unknown

  13. “You stole my heart before I even had the chance to give it to you. Thank you my thief for committing the perfect crime.” – Unknown

  14. “I love my eyes when you look into them. I love my name when you say it. aia love my heart when you touch it. I love m life when you are in it.” – Unknown

  15. “If you hide, I’ll seek you out. If you’re lost, I’ll search for you. If you leave. I’ll wait for you. If they try to take you away from me, I’ll fight for you, because only you can set my heart on fire.” – Unknown

Cute Relationship Quotes For Her

  1. “You are my favorite notification.” – Unknown                                                                                       

    cute quotes for a relationship
    cute quotes for a relationship

  2. “Love was made for me and you.” – Nat King Cole

  3. “We were together. I forget the rest.” – Walt Whitman

  4. “We are most alive when we’re in love.” – John Updike

  5. “You are the sunshine that makes my day.” – Unknown                                                                     

    cute long distance relationship quotes
    cute long distance relationship quotes

  6. “I knew I loved you before I met you.” – Savage Garden

  7. “I am jealous of everybody, who can see you every day.” – Unknown

  8. “I’ll hold you in my heart, till I can hold you in my arms.” – Eddy Arnold                                                     

    cute relationship quotes pics
    cute relationship quotes pics

  9. “It’s not my fault that I love you. You are the one who started it.” – Unknown

  10. “You are the sunshine to my every day, I love you more each day.” – Unknown

  11. “You deserve someone who makes you feel like you’ve been struck by lightning.” – Roy Kent, Ted Lasso

  12. “Remember the day we first started talking to each other? ‘Cause that’s what started you and I’.” – Unknown

  13. “I love that you are my person and I am yours, that whatever door we come to, we will open it together.” – A.R. Asher

  14. “You are my best friend, my human diary and my other half. You mean the world to me and I love you.” – Unknown

  15. “No matter how horrible my day was, talking to you for even just one minute make everything seem perfect.” – Unknown

  16. “It is the most wonderful feeling in the world, you know, knowing you are loved and wanted.” – Jayne Mansfield

  17. “Hey my love, I know sometimes I get mad on you but believe me I really love you and don’t want to lose you.” – Unknown

  18. “Don’t think about your relationships of the past. Instead, be in the moment and focus on the love you receive.” – Unknown

  19. “It’s so weird thinking back to when I first met you and that moment I had no idea you would have such a big impact on me.” – Unknown

  20. “You’re my favorite. My favorite pair of eyes to look into. My favorite name to see appear on my phone. My favorite way to spend an afternoon. You’re my favorite everything.” – Unknown

Cute Quotes For Long Distance Relationship

Sharing a great bond of love, trust and understanding with your true love (boyfriend/girlfriend) is the best thing which can happen to you. The person you love with all your heart and would do anything for.

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The feeling is so special, that you feel you’ve got the world and all its happiness. Also check out couple love fight quotes that you will relate to.

  1. “You’re that part of me I’ll always need.” – Unknown

  2. “I’ve fallen in love many times… always with you.” – Unknown

  3. “One day there will be no distance between you and me.” – Unknown                                                 

    cute relationship quotes for her
    cute relationship quotes for her

  4. “I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye.” – Unknown

  5. “Distance means nothing when someone means everything.” – Unknown                                           

    cute relationship quotes for him
    cute relationship quotes for him

  6. “The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.” – Charles Dickens

  7. “Distance doesn’t mean anything when you love someone enough.” – Unknown

  8. “My life has been such a wonderful adventure since you came along.” – Unknown

  9. “Everything is better with you. Everything has been better since you.” – Unknown                                       

    cute relationship quotes images
    cute relationship quotes images

  10. “You may be one person to the whole world, but to me you are the whole world.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                         

    cute relationship quotes pictures
    cute relationship quotes pictures

  11. “We were together even when we were apart.” – Shannon A. Thompson, Death Before Daylight

  12. “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  13. “You’ll always be the brightest thing in my sky. I’ll keep on shining as long as you are mine.” – Unknown

  14. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

  15. “I can talk to hundreds of people in one day but none of them compare to the smile you can give me in one minute.” – Unknown

  16. “It’s enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment.” – Gabriel Garcia Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

  17. “If you can trust, respect, and support each other from a distance then you’ll be unstoppable once you’re physically together.” – Unknown

  18. “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” – ‘When Harry Met Sally’

  19. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.” – A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

  20. “I have fallen completely for you. Everything you do, everything you say, everything you are. You’re my first thought in the morning, you’re in my last thought before I fall asleep, and you’re almost every thought in between.” – Unknown

Short Cute Love Quotes For Couples

The butterflies in your stomach, the smile that appears on your face when you see their name pop up on your phone…you know the feeling.

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Sometimes its difficult to explain your feelings in words. So we have some cute, romantic and lovely relationship quotes for you to express your feelings in words.

  1. “All of me loves all of you.” – Jon Legend                                                                                                       

    short cute relationship quotes
    short cute relationship quotes

  2. “Love is the flower; you’ve got to let it grow.” – John Lennon

  3. “If I know what love is, it is because of you.” – Hermann Hesse

  4. “Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime.” – Celine Dion                                                             

    boyfriend cute relationship quotes
    boyfriend cute relationship quotes

  5. “Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet.” – Katharine Lee Bates

  6. “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand

  7. “Love is something sent from heaven to worry the hell out of you.” – Dolly Parton

  8. “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M. Schulz

  9. “You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” – ‘Gone With the Wind’

  10. “You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.” – Jodi Picoult


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