Top 35 Cody Rigsby Quotes To Inspire You Big Time

Looking for famous quotes by popular American instructor and dancer Cody Rigsby? We have rounded up the best collection of Cody Rigsby quotes, sayings, Instagram captions, and more (with images and pictures, wallpapers, posters,) to inspire you bigtime.

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Cody Rigsby is a Peloton trainer and tries to create a worth doing environment all around. He also suggest the members to be positive and love what they do.

He is a former professional dancer, and a person who strives to be the best version of himself by performing certain positive actions in his daily life.

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These inspirational Cody Rigsby quotes about fitness, success, and life are wise, motivational, and funny which you can relate to.

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Cody Rigsby Quotes

  1. “Let it go, Elsa.”– Cody Rigsby

  2. “You do you boo.”– Cody Rigsby

  3. “Love ya self Boo.”– Cody Rigsby

  4. “Together we go far.”– Cody Rigsby

  5. “One Two, One Two.”– Cody Rigsby

  6. “It’s not that deep boo.”– Cody Rigsby

  7. “Shake them ti***es Boo.”– Cody Rigsby

  8. “You can achieve greatness.”– Cody Rigsby

  9. “Get your life together, boo.”– Cody Rigsby

  10. “Don’t be average. Be savage.”– Cody Rigsby

  11. “Adjust your wig. Fix your face.”– Cody Rigsby

  12. “The real housewives of Peloton.”– Cody Rigsby

  13. “Booty back. Chest lifted. Wig on tight.”– Cody Rigsby

  14. “When we play Britney we f*ck sh*t up.”– Cody Rigsby

  15. “You are capable of things unthought of.”– Cody Rigsby

  16. “Fix your wig. Get your life together boo!”– Cody Rigsby

  17. “Live you life like Cody is playing Britney.”– Cody Rigsby

  18. “One Two, One Two.B**ch, find your light.”– Cody Rigsby

  19. “Don’t be leaving Santa no cheap *ss cookies.”– Cody Rigsby

  20. “I’m sorry I can’t have plans with Cody Rigsby.”– Cody Rigsby

  21. “Don’t settle, settling gets you an ugly boyfriend.”– Cody Rigsby

  22. “You’ve done harder sh*t than ride a bike to Bieber.”– Cody Rigsby

  23. “Grab a water, grab a towel get your life together boo.”– Cody Rigsby

  24. “If Britney can can survive 2007, you can survive this.”– Cody Rigsby

  25. “Wings on tight, find your light, it’s not that deep boo.”– Cody Rigsby

  26. “Get those girls on thigh, we’re about to shake it today.”– Cody Rigsby

  27. “Never looking for perfection, just looking for intention.”– Cody Rigsby

  28. “If Britney can get through 2007 you can get up this hill.”– Cody Rigsby

  29. “I don’t always ride live… But when i do, it’s with my Boo.”– Cody Rigsby

  30. “Get your life together because mama ain’t getting off this bike.”– Cody Rigsby

  31. “Success happens when you allow yourself to be in the present moment when we truly let go of any regret of the past or fear of the future.”– Cody Rigsby

  32. “It’s not that deep, grab water, grab a towel, get your life together. One two, one two. If Britney can make it through 2007 you can make it up this hill.”– Cody Rigsby

  33. “Outside of Peloton I love to travel and discover the world. Because of my busy life in NYC, I love to find balance and serenity through my meditation practice.”– Cody Rigsby

  34. “Get ready to clutch your pearls. Ring Ring, b*tch.. wake up let it go, elsa. Wipe that negativity away like an eye booger. Set your intentions. Take a moment to acknowledge you just slaves that.”– Cody Rigsby

  35. “If I am not living my truth in everything I do, then I am not doing it right. I want Members to have fun while they’re working out, and remember that even though it’s challenging, “It’s not that deep!”– Cody Rigsby

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