40 Best Pauly Shore Quotes From The Weasel Himself

Pauly Shore, a comedian, actor, and filmmaker, is best known for his unique comedic style and iconic roles in ’90s films such as “Encino Man,” “Son In Law,” and “Bio-Dome.” Born on February 1, 1968, in Hollywood, California, Shore rose to prominence with his MTV show “Totally Pauly” and his character “The Weasel.” Here are some of the most famous Pauly Shore quotes that will surely tickle your funny bone.

Born to parents, who were prominent figures in the comedy industry, Shore developed a love to make people laugh from an early age. Inspired by his parents’ work in comedy and show business, Shore made his debut as a stand-up comedian at the age of 17, before becoming an MTV VJ in 1989.

With his popular MTV show “Totally Pauly” he became a household name among young audiences who loved him for his offbeat and energetic personality.

The fan-favorite series led to Shore starring roles in cult classic comedy movies, like In The Army Now, Jury Duty, and Guest Show.

Some of his other recent projects include Adam Sandler’s Sandy Wexler, Dreamworks’ Pinocchio: A True Story, and the indie feature How it Ends.

Throughout his career, Shore has delivered numerous memorable lines and quotes that epitomize his irreverent humor and laid-back persona.

From his distinctive catchphrases such as “Weasel” and “Hey, Bu-ddy!” to his witty observations about life, Pauly Shore’s quotes continue to resonate with fans of his comedy. Whether he’s riffing on pop culture, relationships, or the quirks of everyday life, Pauly Shore’s comedic insights are sure to bring laughter and nostalgia to audiences worldwide.

Get ready to dive into the world of comedy and burst into laughter with these funny Pauly Shore quotes from movies, shows, and interviews.

Top 10 Pauly Shore Quotes

  1. “Even at my peak, I never went too over the top.” — Pauly Shore                                     

    Pauly Shore Quotes
    Pauly Shore Quotes
  2. Death isn’t a funny thing. We’re all lucky to be living.” — Pauly Shore                  

    Famous Quotes By Pauly Shore
    Famous Quotes By Pauly Shore
  3. “I think you gotta look at stuff half-full as opposed to half-empty.” — Pauly Shore                

    Pauly Shore Sayings
    Pauly Shore Sayings
  4. “That’s the biggest rule in Hollywood: Don’t spend your own money.” — Pauly Shore      

    Pauly Shore Famous Lines
    Pauly Shore Famous Lines
  5. “People should stop poking fun at other people and worry about themselves.” — Pauly Shore 

    Best Pauly Shore Quotes
    Best Pauly Shore Quotes
  6. “Whenever someone dies everyone says, I love that guy, except for Jeffrey Dahmer.” — Pauly Shore
  7. “I’m Jewish. I’ve always had a thing where it’s okay to dance with the devil, just don’t become the devil.” — Pauly Shore                                                                                                                                              

    Pauly Shore Catch Phrases
    Pauly Shore Catch Phrases
  8. “Serious and intense people, they drain you. But someone who’s an idiot, like myself, they’re fun. You either hate me or you love me.” — Pauly Shore
  9. “My mom and dad are both in stand-up comedy, so that’s where I started, that’s where I got everything. My roots are holding the mic.” — Pauly Shore
  10. “You don’t have to be inspired by comedians. You have to be inspired by things that are real, whether it’s music, comedy…a movie – that should inspire you.” — Pauly Shore

Famous Quotes by Pauly Shore

  1. “I’m not used to getting good reviews.” — Pauly Shore
  2. “Comedy wasn’t something I chose – it chose me.” — Pauly Shore
  3. “My belief is guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” — Pauly Shore
  4. “I think the best comedy comes from stuff that’s based in reality.” — Pauly Shore
  5. “The Comedy Store attracts all types of people, growing up I was able to meet them all.” — Pauly Shore
  6. “I think as a standup performer you have to feel the audience. So the audience kind of dictates what they get, you know?” — Pauly Shore
  7. “Small towns seem to appreciate things a little bit more. They’re less jaded and they’re more kind of authentic and more themselves and they don’t care as much.” — Pauly Shore
  8. “I want to have my face look like Brad Pitt. Then I’ll be with Jennifer Aniston and then Angelina Jolie. Then the real Brad Pitt will come in, and we’ll have a Brad Pitt face-off.” — Pauly Shore
  9. “My mom is two people to me. She’s my mom number one, and then she’s this lady most comedians know as being a legendary owner of a nightclub that’s responsible for starting a lot of heavy careers.” — Pauly Shore
  10. “Find something that you want to do when you’re 60. Find your passion. Your passion, your work, whatever it is that you want to do. Find something that you would do, even if you didn’t get paid. Whether it’s an art or whether is something that you’re passionate about.” — Pauly Shore

Funny Pauly Shore Quotes (Movies)

  1. “I’m not a geek, I’m a unique weasel.” — Pauly Shore as Stoney Brown in Encino Man               

    Pauly Shore Movie Quotes
    Pauly Shore Movie Quotes
  2. “I hope he doesn’t gnaw on our beaks.” — Pauly Shore as Stoney Brown in Encino Man

    Pauly Shore Encino Man Quotes
    Pauly Shore Encino Man Quotes
  3. “Shave the Poochie Poochie! Shave the Poochie Poochie!” — Pauly Shore as Bud Macintosh in Bio-Dome
  4. “If a small taco is a taquito, then a small judge… must be a Judge Ito!” — Pauly Shore as Tommy Collins in Jury Duty                                                                                               

    Funny Pauly Shore Movie Quotes
    Funny Pauly Shore Movie Quotes
  5. “You’re too late. Yeah, a couple weeks ago at school I already asked Bec to marry me.” — Pauly Shore as Crawl in Son in Law                                                                                     

    Pauly Shore Son In Law Quotes
    Pauly Shore Son In Law Quotes
  6. “Chickens You guys have chickens? I love chickens! Are they extra crispy or original recipe?” — Pauly Shore as Crawl in Son in Law
  7. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute! You guys aren’t one of those freaky cults are you?” — Pauly Shore as Bud Macintosh in Bio-Dome                                                               

    Pauly Shore Biodome Quotes
    Pauly Shore Biodome Quotes
  8. “Gabriella, she broke my heart. Thankfully I’m too shallow to let it keep bummed for too long!” — Paul Shore as Bones Conway in In The Army Now
  9. “Let’s just get the rules straight here. There’ll be absolutely no partying in this hall between the hours of 5 and 6 in the morning, without my express written permission. OK cool. Carry on.” — Pauly Shore as Crawl in Son in Law
  10. “If you’re edged ’cause I’m weazin all over grindage, just chill. ‘Cause if I had the whole brady bunch thing happenin’ at my pad, I’d go grind over there, so don’t tax my gig so hard-core cruster.” — Pauly Shore as Stoney Brown in Encino Man

Pauly Shore Quotes And Sayings

  1. “I giggle when I put myself down. It’s just funny to me.” — Pauly Shore
  2. “I miss working with great actors, working with great directors.” — Pauly Shore
  3. “The best part about stand-up is that you control everything. Period.” — Pauly Shore
  4. “I’m into politics – I’m interested in the election and how pissed off people get.” — Pauly Shore
  5. “I’m definitely a lot more comfortable now in my 40s than in my 30s – that’s for sure.” — Pauly Shore
  6. “I want to show all sides of myself. I mean, I don’t want to howl at the moon my whole life, you know?” — Pauly Shore
  7. My 20s were a time where I made it; my 30s were when I was away, confused, and trying to figure it all out.” — Pauly Shore
  8. “I was one of the first veejays to take the camera out on location, and that’s what was unique about MTV at that time.” — Pauly Shore
  9. “When I shot the movie, I wasn’t gonna think about anything except for being the biggest knucklehead in the world.” — Pauly Shore
  10. “In my 30s, it wasn’t cool to like Pauly Shore movies. It was cool to like them when they came out, then it wasn’t cool.” — Pauly Shore

Fast Facts About Pauly Shore

Birth name: Paul Montgomery Shore

Born: February 1, 1968 (age 56) Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Parent(s): Sammy Shore & Mitzi Shore

Profession: Comedian, VJ, Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Film director, Presenter, Voice Actor

Medium: Stand-up, Television, & Movie

Genres: Improvisational comedy, character comedy, & surreal humor

Notable Works and Roles: Stoney Brown in Encino Man, Crawl in Son in Law, Bones Conway in In the Army Now, Bud Macintosh in Bio-Dome Tommy Collins in Jury Duty, Robert “Bobby” Zimuruski in A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie

Website: www.paulyshore.com

More About Pauly Shore’s Life

Pauly Shore is a legendary comedian, actor, television personality, and podcaster. He has been a household name since the 90s with his unique brand of humor and charismatic persona.

His successful films with his quirky characters and comedic timing, earned him a dedicated fan following affectionately known as the “Weasel Nation.”

Apart from his work as an actor and comedian, Shore also explored his creative side as a filmmaker. He has directed and produced several of his own projects, including the mockumentary Pauly Shore is Dead.

Pauly has also starred in several Showtime comedy specials including Vegas is My Oyster and Pauly-Tics.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Paul Shore has an estimated net worth of approximately $30 Million.

His journey from his early days as a stand-up comedian to his rise to fame on the silver screen is nothing short of extraordinary.

Pauly’s irreverent humor and distinct comedic voice have made him a beloved figure in the world of comedy and his continue to entertain audiences worldwide.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading these inspirational and funny Pauly shore quotes.


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