Obsession Quotes About Love And Life

I have curated the best collection of obsession quotes for you to understand and manage your obsession, which will help you to avoid its negative consequences and maintain balance in life.

In simple terms, obsession is when you can’t stop thinking about something or someone. It’s like having a strong, uncontrollable focus on one thing, where it dominates your thoughts and actions, often to the point where it becomes unhealthy or harmful.

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Being obsessive is a state of mind that can lead to extreme behavior and can be both positive and negative. Obsession for goals can drive an individual to work hard and push themselves beyond their limits, resulting in exceptional achievements in their chosen field.

However, on the negative side, obsession can cause people to become consumed by their desires and neglect other important aspects of their lives. Especially being obsessed in love and relationships occurs when you become excessively focused on your partner. You find yourself constantly thinking about them, feeling possessive or jealous, and wanting to control their actions.

Obsession can be seen as passion taken to an extreme, where it crosses the line from healthy enthusiasm into something more suffocating and controlling.

Let’s dive into some deep obsession sayings that will give you a new perspective on being obsessive about goals (success) or a person (love).

Top 10 Obsession Quotes

  1. “Be obsessed or be average.” ― Grant Cardone
  2. “Without obsession, life is nothing.” ― John Waters
  3. “Aptitude plus obsession equals greatness.” ― Josh Bezoni
  4. “You’ve got to get obsessed and stay obsessed.” ― John Irving
  5. “If you are not obsessed with your life, change it.” ― Elite Daily
  6. “Obsession is a never-ending cycle of disappointment.” ― John Green
  7. “Until your mission is an obsession, nothing will change.” ― Robin Sharma
  8. “To do anything to a high level, it has to be total obsession.” ― Conor McGregor
  9. “Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters.” ― Jeremy Irvine
  10. “To succeed, work hard, never give up and above all cherish a magnificent obsession.” ― Walt Disney
  11. “An obsession is an idea which you must get out of your mind if you are not to go out of your mind.” ― Evan Esar

Obsession Relationship Quotes

Remember, healthy relationships are built on mutual respect, trust, and understanding, not obsession. if a girlfriend or boyfriend is obsessed with her/his partner then the relationship will gradually turn toxic and unhealthy.

  1. “Love liberates, obsession suffocates.” ― T.J 

    obsession quotes
    obsession quotes
  2. “Obsession is a trap that steals away your joy and freedom.” ― Steve Maraboli

    quotes for obsession
    quotes for obsession
  3. “Love is about giving freedom; obsession is about taking it away.” ― T.J 

    obsessive love quotes
    obsessive love quotes
  4. “Obsession is a state of mind where reason is replaced by emotion.” ― J.K. Rowling

    quotes about obsession
    quotes about obsession
  5. “Obsession is the thief of peace and the enemy of happiness.” ― Shannon L. Alder 

    quotes on obsessed
    quotes on obsessed
  6. “Love is a little bit more than desire, and a little bit less than obsession…” ― Milana May 

    dark obsession quotes
    dark obsession quotes
  7. “Of all human weakness, obsession is the most dangerous. And the silliest.” ― Woody Allen

    unhealthy obsession quotes
    unhealthy obsession quotes
  8. “Obsession is the dark side of love and turns love into a prison.” ― T.J 

    obsessed quotes
    obsessed quotes
  9. “I love you so much that nothing can matter to me—not even you… Only my love—not your answer. Not even your indifference.” ― Ayn Rand
  10. “When love crosses limits, it becomes devotion and when devotion goes astray it becomes an obsession.” ― Unknown

Famous Quotes About Obsession

  1. “Obsession is the enemy of creativity.” ― Chuck Palahniuk
  2. “Obsession is beautiful. It’s what makes art.” ― Joss Whedon
  3. “An obsession with untold stories is a source of energy.” ― Greil Marcus
  4. “An obsession is where something will not leave your mind.” ― Eric Clapton
  5. “Real obsession needs an unconscious motivation behind it.” ― Damon Galgut
  6. “Obsession is when you can’t think of anything else but the object of your desire.” ― Sophia Loren
  7. “Obsession is a state in which mind is denied the freedom of seeing things objectively.” ― B.K.S. Iyengar
  8. “When you have seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obsessive love.” ― J. K. Rowling
  9. “Obsession is like a sugar high, it gives you a burst of energy but eventually it leaves you feeling empty.” ― Rachel Wolchin
  10. “Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.” ― Elie Wiesel

Self-Obsession Quotes

  1. “Obsession is essential to creativity.” ― Unknown
  2. “Be obsessed with your own potential.” ― Unknown
  3. “Love me or hate me, it’s still an obsession.”― Lady Sovereign
  4. “Obsession makes everything possible.” ― Novala Takemoto
  5. “Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” ― Unknown
  6. “Obsession with self is the motif of our time.” ― Charles Krauthammer
  7. “Our thoughts shape us. We become our obsessions.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster
  8. “Imagine If we obsessed about the things we loved about ourselves.” ― Unknown
  9. “Obsession is a game for young men, and my only defense is that I never grew up.” ― Unknown
  10. “An obsession is a way for damaged people to damage themselves more.” ― Mark Barrowcliffe

Unhealthy Obsession Quotes

  1. “Obsessions are psychological rituals.” ― Cathal O’brian
  2. “Follow your most intense obsession mercilessly.” – Frank Kafka
  3. “Good requires motivation, great requires obsession.” ― M. Cobanli
  4. “Obsession is the devil, it will take you to the dark side.” ― Rachel Scott
  5. “Obsession is the wellspring of genius and madness.” ― Michel de Montaigne
  6. “Obsession is a young man’s game, and my only excuse is that I never grew old.” ― Michael Caine
  7. “Obsession is a synonym for magic. Magic is a synonym for genius. It’s a knack. It’s an aptitude.” ― Chris Eubank Sr.
  8. “Obsessions are essentially secondary to the depression, and usually clear up when the depression lifts.” ― Padmal De Silva
  9. “If you don’t have the mental capacity to be that obsessed about what you’re trying to get. Then you ain’t never gonna have it.” ― C.T. Fletcher
  10. “Romantic obsession is like a cataclysm breaking up the empty landscape. Like a strange exotic plant, it grows in arid soil.” ― Rosemary Sullivan
  11. “Obsession is the single most wasteful human activity because with an obsession you keep coming back and back and back to the same question and never get an answer.” ― Norman Mailer
  12. “The more you’re obsessed by something the better chance you have of achieving it.” ― Frank Zane
  13. “Obsession is an attractive thing. People who are really, really interested and good at one thing and smart are attractive if they’re men.” ― Meryl Streep
  14. Passion or obsession is the modality of differentiation which conditions the possibility of a cognitive or intentional relation.” ― Joseph Libertson

Funny Obsession Quotes

  1. “Any obsession is dangerous.” ― Christina Ricci
  2. “Cure for an obsession: get another one.” ― Mason Cooley
  3. “I wish I knew how to quit you.” ― Annie Proulx, Brokeback Mountain
  4. “The form is always the measure of the obsession.” ― Alberto Giacometti
  5. “Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” ― Anonymous
  6. “Obsession is a pair of blinders, and Beaumont wore his tightly.” ― Mary Roach
  7. “Photography my passion, the search for truth, my obsession.” ― Alfred Stieglitz
  8. “I don’t like Paradise, as they probably don’t have obsessions there.” ― Alda Merini
  9. “Somewhere between obsession and compulsion is impulse.” ― Alexander Pushkin
  10. “My therapist says I have an obsession with revenge. We’ll see about that.” ― Unknown

In conclusion, obsession is a complex psychological state that can have both positive and negative impacts on an individual’s life. While it may lead to remarkable achievements in some cases, it can also be destructive and harmful.

Seeking professional help is recommended when obsession becomes overwhelming and interferes with daily life.

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