Happy Mother’s Day Wishes, Messages & Images [2024]

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to express our heartfelt appreciation for all the incredible moms and mother figures in our lives. Whether it’s your own mom, a grandmother, an aunt, or a friend who’s like a mom to you, their love and support deserve to be celebrated in every way possible.

Wondering what is the best message for Mother’s Day? We have rounded up some of the best Happy Mother’s Day wishes, quotes, and messages for you. The day is all about honoring the incredible love, strength, and nurturing spirit that Moms bring into our lives every single day.

Mother’s Day is finally here on 12 May 2024,— which means it’s time to remind your mom just how amazing she is! This is the best day to make your mother special and let her know what she means to you.

Make her feel special with some gifts, flowers, quotes and a status message dedicated to her. These one-liners, messages, and wishes can be used to tag your gifts and flowers too.

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So, let’s dive into some of the most heartfelt wishes and quotes to make this Mother’s Day extra special!

Top 20 Happy Mother’s Day Wishes

  1. “Mom, your love is the heartbeat of our family. Happy Mother’s Day!”
  2. “Mother’s Day to the woman who makes our house a home!”
  3. “You hold such a special place in my heart, Happy Mother’s Day!”
  4. “Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you know just how much I love you.”
  5. “Thanks for always believing in me and cheering me on. I love you Mom!”
  6. “No matter the distance, you’re always there for me! Happy Mother’s Day.”
  7. “Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, Mum. I love you more than words can say!”
  8. “Thanks for everything this year, and well, every year! You’re a mum in a million.”
  9. “Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who knows me the best; and still loves me anyway.”
  10. “Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for looking after us so well, I know it’s not always easy!”
  11. “Thank you for being my rock, my guide, and my best friend. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.”
  12. “To the world, you are a mother, but to your family, you are the world. Happy Mother’s Day!”
  13. “Your smile brightens each day and makes it better than the last. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”
  14. “Happy Mother’s Day! You inspire me, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you as my mum.”
  15. “Thanks for bringing me into this world and always seeing the best in me. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”
  16. “Best friends and the best mother ever; you are seriously a gift to me! I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!”
  17. “Wishing you a day filled with cuddles, giggles and hopefully a little time to yourself. Happy Mother’s Day!”
happy mothers day wishes
happy mothers day wishes

Happy Mother’s Day Messages

  1. “Happy Mother’s Day! You’re the best mom in the world.”
  2. “You’re a mother, like no other!! Love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!”
  3. “Wishing you a day that’s full of relaxation, love and your favorite dessert.”
  4. “Happy Mother’s Day. Every night I thank my lucky stars that you’re my Mom.”
  5. “Happy Mother’s Day, Mum! You inspire me, and I can’t imagine life without you.”
  6. “Thank you for your unconditional love and endless sacrifices. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”
  7. “Being a mother is the toughest job in the world and you are the best at it. Happy Mother’s Day!”
  8. “Happy Mother’s Day! Being your daughter is a blessing and I hope to make you proud someday!”
  9. “Wishing you all the love and smiles that you so deserve. Happy Mothers Day To My Dear Friend!”
  10. “Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who raised me into the strong, independent woman I am today.”
  11. “Thank you, Mom for the blessings and memories we share. You’re such a blessing to our family. Happy Mother’s Day!”
  12. “Happy Mother’s Day! Cheers to the incredible moms who bring so much joy and love into our lives.”
  13. “You are the epitome of grace, strength, and resilience. Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing woman I know!”
  14. “I’m glad that you’re my mother because I’m not sure anyone else could have put up with me this long! Love you, Mom.”
mothers day wishes
mothers day wishes

Cute Happy Mother’s Day Wishes for All Moms

  1. “Happy Mother’s Day to my very own superhero and the No. 1 problem-solver in my life. I hope you have a great day!”
  2. “Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Although we’re far apart you are always in my heart. I love you and miss you more than words can say.”
  3. “Mother Goose, Ma Barker, Mother Theresa—of all the mothers that ever lived, you’re the “Motheriest.” Have a great Mother’s Day!”
  4. “Mom, you are the most outstanding woman in my life, and you’ll always be my number one. Have a very happy Mother’s Day!”
  5. “Happy Mother’s Day. She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.” — Proverbs 31:26 KJV
  6. “Mom, thank you for being my anchor in this stormy sea of life. I love you and don’t know where I’d be without you. Have a great day today.”
  7. “It’s my time to tell you how fortunate and special I am to be blessed with a mother as caring, loving as you. Wish you a happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”
  8. “Happy Mother’s Day to the best [gardening, dog-walking, flat-pack-making] mum in the world! I hope your day is full of all your favourite things – you deserve it.”
  9. “I feel so lucky to have you as my mom. Thanks for always believing in me and doing so much for me each day. Have a great Mother’s Day, you deserve to be spoiled!”
  10. “Wishing you all the love in the world on Mother’s Day. Thanks for everything you do for the kids. They love you to bits and can’t wait to [watch cartoons and go bug hunting with you].”

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mothers day wishes for mom
mothers day wishes for mom

Touching Messages for Mother’s Day Cards [2024]

  1. “Happy Mother’s Day! May this special day be as lovely and perfect as you!”
  2. “Happy Mother’s Day! You’re so many things to so many people. And today, you’re celebrated for the beautiful person you are.”
  3. “Happy Mother’s Day Do whatever it is that makes you feel bright & sunny inside! Happy Mother’s Day to a friend who shines.”
  4. “You are the most amazing person I know, and I am so grateful for all the love and support you have given me. Happy Mother’s Day!”
  5. “Mom, I can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug. In the meantime, I hope these flowers show you just how much you mean to me.”
  6. “Miss you loads, Mum. I can’t wait to see you soon so we can celebrate properly. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, and thanks for everything!”
  7. “Thank you for supporting me and being there for me through thick and thin. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Have an amazing Mother’s Day!”
  8. “Happy Mother’s Day You are the most beautiful gift from God to me, your lap are my heaven and your arms are my protection shield. Happy Mother’s Day!”
  9. “When you’re an adult she walks beside you, so that as two friends you can enjoy life together. Thank you for being my guide through life and my best friend. Happy Mother’s Day!”
  10. “Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing mom in the world. You are the glue that holds our family together and I am so grateful for everything you do. Thank you for being my role model, my best friend, and my biggest supporter.”
wishing for mothers day
wishing for mothers day

Funny Mother’s Day Quotes [2024]

  1. “MOM is WOW upside-down!”
  2. “Mom, I turned out awesome. Thanks for the genes! HMD!” — Unknown
  3. “Sooner or later we all quote our mothers.” — Bern Williams
  4. “Nothing is really lost until your mom can’t find it.” — Unknown
  5. “Mums are like buttons — they hold everything together.” — Unknown
  6. “Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.” — Unknown
  7. “Mom, you’re like a GPS in human form. You always know the way… even when we’re lost!”
  8. “Our mothers always remain the strangest, craziest people we’ve ever met.” — Marguerite Duras
  9. “Motherhood has a very humanising effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.” — Meryl Streep
  10. “I smile because I’m your daughter. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it!” — Unknown

Happy Mother’s Day Images And Pics [2024]

happy mothers day wishes for all moms
happy mothers day wishes for all moms
happy mothers day
happy mothers day
Happy Mothers Day Images
Happy Mothers Day Images
happy mother's day message
happy mother’s day message
Happy Mother's Day Wishes
Happy Mother’s Day Wishes
happy mothers day quotes mom
happy mothers day quotes mom
mothers day greetings
mothers day greetings
happy mother's day card
happy mother’s day card

On this Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment to express our deepest gratitude and love for the remarkable women who shape our lives with their boundless love, strength, and wisdom. Whether through a simple gesture, a heartfelt message, or a warm embrace, let’s make sure they know just how much they mean to us.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there! You are truly appreciated, today and every day.

Do you have your favorite status update for your mother which is not here? Then write in the comment section below, we’d love to see it and add it to our list.

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