Its a strange world!!

It’s a Strange World

strange world

It’s a strange world where people can’t share,

Their worries, their fears and their despair.

A world where we all face challenges and friction,

Where things and relations have reduced to competition.

It’s a strange world, where people have to lie,

Wearing facades where smiles don’t reach their eye.

Showing empathy and understanding to someone’s pain,

Is not an attribute of this world, which works with brains.

Life is tough for everyone I know,

Where some people hide their pain and some do show.

It’s a strange world, where people’s life are screwed,

Coz they are doing things, they never wanted to do.

Strange world and Life
Life is tough for everyone I know

You live life once, so love what you do,

The only thing which will help you, is being true,

It’s a strange world, where we all hide our scars,

Locking our dreams & wishes behind the bars.

Strange world life

Life is good and its people too,

Only thing we need is, to be true.

It’s a strange world, where all wrongs can be right,

Love and compassion can make life bright.

Strange world | life

It’s a strange world where complexities have crippled,

A life which everyone wished to be simple.

Strange World


Dedicated to everyone in this strange world…

Life Is Simple, Don’t Complicate It  |  Share More | Spread Happiness |  Understand People |

Its a Good Life with Great People | Be Kind | Love More | Smile More | Drop Your Facades | Be Yourself|

Live Life King Size | Life is Beautiful | Do What You Love | Pursue Your Dreams .

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