Stay Motivated :10 Simple Tips

Stay Motivated :10 Simple Tips

On the road of life run towards a better you, a happier you and an uplifted you. We all face hurdles in life disguised as emotional, social, personal or mental stress. All of these try to put us down in life and takes away the zeal and energy to move ahead towards our goals in life. We all encounter such phases in life where we are demotivated, and drained out of our positive energy to keep up the spirits. But we need to pick ourselves up and start working towards what we want to achieve to become happier, healthier and tougher.

Good Vibes Only

I feel positivity and being motivated are directly proportional. So seeing the brighter side of things and situations always helps us to have a right approach towards life. So focus on the good in life and be grateful for all the wonderful things you have.

Positive Thinking - The Random VibeZ

Believe in Yourself

This is one of the most important step towards yourself. Trust yourself and always see your capabilities. If you are having a bumpy ride in life, look back and see your achievements and get the motivation. This will instill the power in you. Never indulge in self-doubt and belittle yourself. Once you start realizing your own potential you will see there is no room for disappointments.believe in yourself - The Random VibeZ

Do Not Dwell on the Toxic

Life bullies everyone with some worries, crisis and stress, but don’t dwell on this. These are the most “TOXIC” elements of one’s life which are so powerful that they can finish the momentum to go on and achieve your goals in life. Make them powerless by taking away your focus from them. If you don’t take away your focus from the Toxic, the Toxic will take away your focus from your goals!!

The only disability in life is a bad attitude - POsitive quotes by the random vibez

Go from Old to New

Go out and get yourself some new stuff, may be some clothes, books, accessories or anything which adds up a little color to your dull life. New things do get a smile on our face, uplifts our mood and we are back on track. A low mood gets you a lower mark on ‘go get your goals’ task. So go and get higher spirits with your newbies.

Go from Old to New - Shopping

Have a Backup Plan

You may face hurdles or a setback on way to your dreams. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, failure or setbacks. But setbacks doesn’t mean you sit back. You need to keep moving. Have a backup plan, and switch on it if your original one doesn’t work. This helps us to bounce back and we don’t get time to sulk.Have a backup plan

Tune in some Good Music

Now this one is my personal favourite! And I guess most of you would agree to this. The music we listen is contagious. The kind of song n beats we chose tend to affect our mood patterns at times. If you listen an upbeat high energy song, you find yourself pumped up and dancing. And sometimes when you listen to a slow or soothing number, your energies are likewise. So when you are going a little low in life put on some great music and re-energise yourself.

Tune in some good music - Motivation by the random vibez

Work out some calories

Dedicate a part of your day in some physical training, be it walking, yoga or hitting the gym. Working out results in release of endorphins which creates a feeling good factor. It clears your mind and relaxes your body. You tend to boost with energy and feel refreshed. Moreover a healthy and fit body always gives you more confidence and motivates you to do better and achieve more of your set goals.

workout calories and exercise

Get Inspired

There are times in life when you are tired, lazy, procrastinating or slacking, but you need to break out of your web and get back to action. Looking at people who have had tougher times and battles than you and their approach and attitude towards life inspires you to do the same. Read, listen or watch experiences of people who have a go getter attitude in life. This sometimes gives you an adrenaline rush, which is all you need to be back on the track.

get_inspired - The random vibez

Learn Something New

Explore your talents and try your hands on something new. Pursue an art or join some class of your interest. Learning is always a positive and uplifting experience which affects our personality positively. This always makes us happy. Achieving small tasks always acts as a motivator and you look forward for more.

Learn Something New Everyday - The Random Vibez

It’s all a Mind Game

Its all in the mind, they say. If you can think it, you can achieve it. “Thoughts become things”, so always monitor your thoughts. Channelise them in positive lines and you will see how powerful it is. Be consistent, be persistent in motivating yourself on a daily basis. This works the best. Once you are reminded of your goals and commitment daily, you work for them.

Its all a mind game

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