10 Things to do so that you don’t regret your life!!

10 Things to do so that you don’t regret your life!!

Life is a reflection of our choices, choices which we take and make sometimes a thoughtful one, a planned one, sometimes an emotional one or may be a self-centered choice. These are based on our mindset and the way we are brought up as a human or may be some other factor. Whatever dynamics they are based on – Sometimes we end up regretting our choices, regretting our life, and regretting the way we moulded ourself. So today I just thought of sharing my views on this. I believed in the phrase “LIVE LIFE KING SIZE”, however my choices n my life never reflected my belief. Now this is funny. This is because, I use to contradict myself. In life its always good to be giving n to think about others. But our choices and sometimes most important ones should be completely a planned one for self good, so that we don’t regret what we become.

Trust your INSTINCTS and Follow them

Yep, this is the most logical one. Tried and Tested. One should follow one’s first gut instinct in life. Because that instinct is there for a reason, and that is usually right. If you get stuck somewhere in life, and its all a haywire, and you don’t know what to do, where to go – Then just go with the flow of your instinct and I guess that will never leave you with regret in life later on!


Don’t Over think

Over Thinking is a disease. A disease which magnifies simpler things into complex ones, making our lives and choices full of doubts. Sometimes its best to judge an option on the facts available and not get into deeper layers. Because this dive from the superficial to the deeper layers ruins us, makes everything much worse than it actually is. It fills us with unwanted worries. So it’s best to keep these worries at bay and just go with the flow with your good vibes. I hope I get well soon and overcome this disease completely *wink*!!


Be a Kid at heart

We all love to grow up, but don’t let the child within you grow. Be a child at heart always. Enjoy the madness in life, little things, crazy ones, silly stuff. This is what makes our life lively. Doing some childish things makes us lighter, we stress less, smile more and live more. Growing up is quite over-rated, So I chose to be a kid forever.. Okay?


Be Passionate and Not Realistic

If you are passionate about something in life, never let it go. Our passion leads us to our dreams. Someday in life in a tussle between our passion and logic, always go with the former. Our passion is more powerful that all the logics, calculations and reasoning in the world. True passion is such an energy which fulfill our purpose of life.


Take Chances

In life leave all the “ifs” and “buts” and take chances whenever you can. Taking chances in life is sometimes pretty scary, but what is worse –REGRETS. So always get your answer by taking your chance, who knows what we get on the other side of FEAR (no regrets for sure). So let’s not die wondering and be crazy enough to move ahead and take a chance.


Little Things Matter

Life gets colorful with little joys & small detailing. It’s the little things which are Big things in life. Its this which matters us the most. Our life is a big picture made from numerous little moments n things. Enjoy them, cherish them, and you will always look back realizing that the little things made our life worth it!!


Let Go Unwanted Stuff

We all carry baggage -baggage’s from the past and make our lives heavy, tiring, weak and this gradually makes us angry, sad, scarred. Events, people, emotions which drag us down – Let go off them. Because they are unwanted in our lives, unwanted for a good bright n happy future. We will never regret forgetting and forgiving bad memories. This will get the best out of us in our lives full of love laughter n happiness!!



Touch Lives with love

In this busy world, our lives are crowded with worries, competition, emptiness, loss, jealousy, complexes, anger n other not so good feelings. In midst of these feelings we tend to lose ourselves and become a person unknown to ourselves, often demotivated and tired of living. When our life is falling short of our expectation the best thing is to be motivated, to be inspired, to be encouraged to overcome them and continue with a new zeal. Always try to touch someone’s life with love and motivation. Not only will this help the other person but this leaves us with the best satisfaction and feeling which helps us grow.


Be Impulsive

Sometimes it’s best to enjoy your impulse in life. At times being spontaneous at the moment makes life cheerful and exciting!!

Love Yourself

To make our life a good one, we should first learn to respect and love ourselves. Be who you want to be, do what you want to do and before you please any loved one, please yourself too. Sometimes thinking about oneself is not being self-centered, its called self love. And if we fail to do this, we surely will regret our choices at some point in our life.


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