Quotes about Life

 Quotes about Life

Most Inspiring quotes about Life and its lessons.

Lessons In Life




Quotes Life

“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one that

brings peace.” – Life Lessons

Life Quotes - Words of Wisdom
” Better than a thousand hollow words is the one that brings peace.”


The One who falls and gets up is stronger than one

who never fell. – Life Quotes

Life Lessons | Quotes

Human Potential is the same for All. If you have the

willpower, then you can change anything.


Life Lessons | Words of wisdom

Don’t Miss The Boat. Time for some Action!!

don't miss the boat

Judge your success by what you had to

give up in order to Achieve it.

Life Lessons | Words of wisdom
Dalai Lama Quotes Life

So Relatable

Life Lessons | Words of wisdom
Monday Quotes
Life Lessons | Words of wisdom
That’s how it should be!

The problem is not the problem.

The problem is your attitude about the problem.

Life Lessons | Words of wisdom |Quotes

Breathe In Peace,

Breathe Out Love!!

“When you let go, you create space for better

things in life.”

create space for goodthings

Think Good Thoughts, Say nice things,

do good for others.

Everything Comes Back

karma - Good things in life
karma – Good things in life

If you have no actions to go with what you have learned,

then you have learned nothing.

upload 22

Be Selective with your battles.
Sometimes peace is better than being right.



Mistakes are the growing pains of Wisdom. – Life Quotes

Quotes on Life
Mistakes are the growing pains of wisdom!

Success Occurs When Your Dreams get Bigger

Than Your Excuses.

Life quotes- Wisdom Quotes
“Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses!

Don’t Talk, ACT.

Don’t Say, Show.

Don’t Promise, Prove

Quotes about Life
Don’t Talk, ACT Don’t Say, SHOW Don’t Promise – PROVE

Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom.

Life quotes | Words of wisdom
Turn your wounds into wisdom

Efforts and Courage are not enough

without purpose and direction.

Quotes about Life
Efforts and courage are not enough, without purpose and direction.

We give too many people the power to lower our vibe.

Stand true to your vibe.

Quotes about Life
Be true to your vibes- Life quotes

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