7 Ways to Stop Overthinking

7 Ways to Stop Overthinking

Do you ever feel you are stuck in your head with your thoughts? Do you feel you overthink about everything, every relationship and situation in life? It’s a common problem and happens quite often with all of us. But do you realize what it does to you? This habit mostly worsens the situations in our lives, making minuscule issues appear much larger than they actually are. Overthinking tends to weaken our decisions and makes us doubt most aspects of life. It magnifies our fears and takes away our positivity. I often come across people who realize this grave situation and ask how can I stop overthinking? So here are 7 Ways to Stop Overthinking. I hope this article helps you in some way to get rid of this habit and break this cycle.

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#1. Stop the Self Doubting Game

Believe in yourself and come of the self-blame game.


Stop Self Blame

#2. Stop Reading Minds

A stranger smiling does not translate into

“He think I look terrible.”

Don’t assume what other’s think

Think Positive.

7 Ways to Stop Overthinking pictures

Stop Reading Minds

#3.Stop being an Extremist in Relationships

If someone you are fond of, doesn’t respond  in way you expect, don’t

feel you have done something wrong or don’t think you are stupid or ugly.

Things sometimes take time.



#4. Stop Predicting the Future

You don’t know the future and you have no control over it.

so stop predicting the worst in all situations. Let life take its course.


#5.Face Your Fears

You know what your deepest fears are. So, ask those questions you are afraid of. Do things which scare you. Take charge of your actions. Once you invade your fear territory your  overthinking attacks will reduce. Never feed your fears.


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