10 Ways – How to change your life

10 Ways to Total Life Changes

We all have this habit of whining about how boring and dull our life is. Sometimes we feel everything around us is getting monotonous and uninteresting. We feel so gloomy and get agitated on the teenie weenie happenings. Every person has to juggle through this one or the other day.

Well, guys, just chill. This is not that serious. You don’t need any super natural powers to get rid of this boredom filled life. Following are the 10 simple ways to boost your life with all the energy and which may help all of you out there to keep this boredom at the back burner eventually and change your life completely.

Adventure ride and exhilarating thrill by your side

Ok, so adventure means different for different people. Some find sky diving thrilling while some like driving and chilling. Some are enthralled by playing a rigorous sport while some enjoy trekking and climbing some fort. So folks, get your ass out of your abode, pick your adventure type and get going for some nerve wracking buzz. I bet soon you will make your world a better place to live in.

Welcome a new hobby in your lobby

Hobbies serve as the most formidable arm to kick out the boredom and have some kickass time. Learn a new musical instrument or acknowledge some fine art. One can also master any sport form or shake a leg to attain proficiency over a novel dance form. The ideology behind inculcating a new hobby is to keep oneself on the toes to some stuff and get some break from the fixed mundane routine. So, people, get up, fetch a hobby which interests you and make it a part of your daily tedious routine. I am sure soon the word Boredom will be wiped off from your dictionary.

New Hobby

Exercise and grab your happy size

Starting your day with exercise and work out truly fosters the exciting day ahead. Research states that exercising is the most powerful tool for stress relief. Slogging and working out create happy hormones. A recent study also reveals that effective exercise is extremely useful for the depressed people to boost the mood and bid a good bye to depression and laziness. Thus Exercise, be fit and experience a powerhouse of energy in you.


Meditate and help your energy collate

Meditation holds high importance in the hustle and bustle of the current arena. Meditation re creates all the senses and gives a feeling of peace and tranquility. Meditation gives deep sense of relaxation to the entire mind and body. Thus, meditation is the phenomenal tool to garner the energy and pay a deaf ear to the unharmonious shouting of the mundane daily chores.

Meditate and be aware of yourself

Read and lead

Reading is as important for the mind as eating is for the body. Reading helps imbibe positive and nurturing thoughts in your minds. Reading good and quality books can keep our life on track and help us giving all the wisdom to our brain. Thus all you couch potatoes glues to the TV sets, Grab a good book, read it vigilantly and you will no longer be a mook. Thus it is rightly said First read and eventually you will lead.

Don’t mind being kind

Kindness has its own language. Performing some kind gestures benefits you as well the others in many ways. Share your smile and yours will double soon. Give positive vibes to someone today and it will come back to you one or the other day. Some random acts of kindness give some magical sense of satisfaction and enrich your entire soul. I am sure now you won’t mind being kind as your colorless life will soon grind.

Travel and Unravel 

Travelling and exploring new vistas is always a matter of great amusement. It not only relieves you off all the stress but also charges up your mind mentally. Travelling is a journey of one’s own inner self. Travelling gives your life an altogether new purpose. It gives a serene experience of different cultures, food, people, etc. Thus, all this newness works in an extremely spectacular way, as you are opened up to the new insights. So keep travelling and witness your life catalyzing.

Travel and Escape life

Eat up and charge up

The human mood largely depend upon the quality of food a human intakes. I know people are going bonkers these days with some crash dieting and stuff but once in a while it is ok to eat all the junk you like. Trust me your mood gets uplifted in no time. It is ok to have one cheat day and live with no bloody restrictions. So, scrounge, eat and have some delight.

Create your own space and accelerate life’s pace

Prima facie, you are your own best friend, guide and mentor. Every person ought to spend some quality time in his own company to plan his own dreams, feel his own presence, analyze his own strengths and weaknesses and chalking out the ways to mould his own personality. When life gets mundane, make it interesting by investing some time into it and soon you will experience marvelous changes. Thus, build your space and please don’t rest your rest your life’s ultimate case.

Live, Slay, stay determined and Repeat

The bottom line is, come what may one should dress up, stand up against all life’s all odds and repeat the same with every passing day. Pass every mundane roadblock with sheer determination and courage. Wear a smile everyday whether you feel like it or not. Even if you are highly pissed off, find a way out, step outside your comfort zone and stay strong and passionate.



Thus, amusing yourself is not at all a rocket science. Just breathe out all your problems and inhale all the bliss and blessings and step into a changed life. Just live your life with passion and determination. Life is amazing at one glance and awful at another glance. Turn your boring ordinary life into extraordinary fabulous one with just a change in your attitude.


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